A New Blessing Offers Healing, But Opens Up Old Wounds

There is no greater milestone in a woman’s life than the day she gives birth to a child.

A new baby brings hope to the world and unexplainable joy to their parents.

Thousands of miles away, a smiling mother cradles her new son – but with her, supporters wonder what could have been.

Kate James and Tom Evans, parents of Alfie Evans, welcomed a precious baby boy on August 6th.  They named him Thomas after his father.

But the joyous new parents – and the rest of the world – still mourn the fact that his big brother, Alfie, is not here to grow up with him.

Alfie Evans died at a National Health Services hospital run by the British government in April of this year.  He was one month away from his second birthday.

Alfie was born with an unknown degenerative brain condition, although to this day, physicians did not determine exactly what caused it.

The problem is, they didn’t even try.

Mommy Underground kept you updated on all aspects of the fight to save little Alfie, as well as exposing the socialist agenda becoming pervasive in England’s healthcare system that led to his death.

Alfie made international headlines after the British government and family courts refused to continue his treatment, deciding – in their opinion – that he was terminally ill and had no chance of survival.

His parents, Kate and Tom, fought a brave battle to keep up life-saving measures so they could take him out of the U.K. to see specialists.

The government refused.  Alfie’s parents were not permitted to take him from the hospital – despite pleas from the Italian government who offered to care for him there – nor were they even permitted to take him home to die.

He was removed from his respirator and was denied oxygen and food for over 24 hours until he proved he was going to hang on as long as he could.  The precious boy fought for five days before he passed away at the hands of a government who cares more about profit than human life.

Kate James found out she was pregnant with her second child as the fight raged to save Alfie in his last days.

She kept it from the media in order to give her full attention to her first-born child.

And while Kate and Tom mourned the loss of Alfie, they had another concern – would their new baby suffer the same neurological condition?

The thought of that was unbearable to the parents.  Physicians have found that each of them carries a faulty gene that likely caused Alfie’s condition, and baby Thomas had a one-in-four chance of inheriting it.

But by the Grace of God, baby Thomas was found to be healthy after an excruciating four-day wait full of tests.  His parents say he looks exactly like Alfie did when he was born.

It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

The Evans family told the U.K.’s This Morning:

“When I had him I thought, what if he does resemble Alfie, how am I going to take it? But when I wake up to feed him in the morning, it’s lovely. Sometimes you feel like Alfie is in him. It’s good that we can talk about him, it’s nice to be able to say his name positively. Sometimes you feel like Alfie is in him. He frowns and stretches like Alfie, he is just a double. Sometimes you feel Alfie is in him. You’ll say ‘Alfie’ and Tom will smile.”

“We will always have two children, no matter what,” said Tom Evans. “We’re happy for what we had, and what we have still got because we have two amazing children and we will always have them.”

The parents say Alfie is with them in every moment with their new little boy, but that they will never get over his death.  What parent could?

Earlier this summer Tom Evans made statements to the press that he will

“never accept Alfie’s death…They paid £143k on murdering my son and taking our lives away from us.  We are not done! We are angry, upset, distraught, and truly heartbroken,” according to LifeSite News.

Alfie’s aunt, Sarah Evans, made a point of the expense and lengths the government went to in order to kill Alfie when the family had the money, plane, and hospital in Italy all ready to go.

“We had Alfie fighting, and they paid this to kill him? Ask yourselves why.”

For now, the family is focusing on their blessings – their healthy new son, and the knowledge that Alfie remains ever-present in their hearts.

We shudder to think how this family could experience anymore heartache had little Thomas been born with the same condition.

The world still searches for answers to why a little boy had to die when there were so many people willing to step in and give him a chance.

But this family deserves to be reminded there is hope in the world, and it looks like their precious new baby will do just that.

Are you still left with questions about the horrific way the Evans family was treated when Alfie was ill?  Leave us your thoughts.