A New Piece Of Socialist Legislation Would Mean More Control Over Our Children

One of the most frightening aspects of a potential Democratic takeover in next year’s presidential election is their viewpoint of the family.

Not only do they disregard the sanctity of life, they also believe that the government should have more authority over our children than their parents.

And this is the basis of a new piece of legislation that was just introduced by one liberal candidate.

Democrat Senator Kamala Harris of liberal California just introduced the deceivingly-named Family Friendly Schools Act.

The legislation proposes to increase the length of time children spend in public school by extending each school day to 6:00 p.m.

Harris, and five others who have co-sponsored the legislation thus far – including rabidly progressive Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York – believe that by extending the school day to upwards of ten hours, it will “help” parents who struggle with childcare.

By “aligning” the school day with parents’ workdays, the Senator believes that parents will be more productive at work while lowering costs associated with before and after school childcare.

Conservative critics state that this is a typical thought process of Harris and other Democrats…

…Take over the care of children as an answer to parents who put their children first instead of finding an answer to the growing problem of working harder and longer just to make ends meet.

Many parents agree that the alternative should be shorter workdays, not longer school days, a rise in opportunities to telecommute, and flexibility to depart from the traditional 9-5 workday.

And, of course, there’s the more obvious concern.

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Harris have also brought up the need for government-run universal daycare.  

Along with extending the school day, they’ll have our children under their complete control so they can continue their liberal indoctrination.

The bill would amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to not only align the school and workday, but allow the government to oversee childcare programs and activities in the summer months when schools are on break with federal grants.

It is nearly impossible in America today for a family to survive without two incomes, but this government “help” is the last thing we need.

Cities like New York are also expanding universal preschool programs to “assist” working parents, and many fear the progressive agenda to groom our children will eventually include mandated public preschool.

A Harvard University study published last year also exposed the dangers of sending children to school at younger and younger ages, as well as the length of time children spend in school each day.

While public school is often the only option for parents, increasing government mandates in public education create a “one size fits all” mentality.

The age of children in a single grade level can vary by nearly a year due to mandated attendance requirements based on age, meaning a child entering kindergarten can be barely four or nearly six – a big developmental range.

The same curricula is taught to children with a wide variety of developmental and social needs, often leading to anxiety and low self-esteem when some children fall behind.

Behavioral issues and poor school performance are then judged as being the fault of the parents and/or children, rather than being recognized as a symptom of a broken education system.

A system that is likely to get worse and worse for well-being of our children should one of the Democrat candidates be elected as the government works to implement their socialist agenda.  

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