A Sickening “Protection Act” Just Passed In One State – But Its Title Is Tragically Ironic

Our nation has gone through many changes in recent years as progressives work to undermine traditional values and constitutional rights.

In state after state, legislators have chosen to turn their backs on what the majority of Americans want for our country – especially when it comes to preserving our Constitution.

And one formerly conservative state is becoming more extreme by the day as state government casts aside the most vulnerable of its citizens.

Once an extremely conservative state, Virginia has slowly become more and more liberal – turning “purple,” then blue with the Democrat takeover of the Virginia General Assembly in November of 2019.

And at the helm is one of the most progressive Governors in history, Ralph Northam.

So it comes as no surprise that Virginia’s liberal government was quick to implement all forms of progressive legislation imaginable.

The worst of these is SB 733, the Reproductive Health Protection Act, passed at the end of January with one Democrat opposing and Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax breaking the 20-20 tie for passage.

Everyone knows that the term “reproductive health” is nothing but evasive language to disguise its primary goal – limitless abortion-on-demand.

Virginia did not have strict abortion laws on the books in the first place, but what the new law allows is nothing short of evil.

The language of the act states that it “eliminates the procedures and processes” of previous abortion laws in the Commonwealth to remove nearly every protection for the unborn.

There is now no waiting period, no counseling, no requirement for pregnant women to talk to anyone or be given any information on such a drastic decision – ending the life of a human being.  

Under the new law, a licensed physician is not even required to perform an abortion.  Now, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and midwives may perform the procedure.

Also gone are the requirements that pregnant women be given informational literature about the abortion procedure, the mandate that the woman must have an ultrasound prior to the procedure, and every other preventative measure that may help her to choose life for her child.

Mandatory ultrasounds, in particular, have been proven to save the lives of unborn babies.  Once their mothers see that they are carrying a fully-formed human life, they often reconsider what they are doing.

And there is no mention in Virginia’s abortion laws to even suggest the option of talking to someone about adoption for a woman considering abortion.

Also removed was the mandate that a facility must perform a minimum number of abortions per month, likely to establish their “qualification” and familiarity to do so, severely deteriorating already-lax safety requirements.

The only remaining requirement is the mother’s written consent.

While this may come as no surprise on the heels of comments made by Governor Northam last year that a baby who survives a botched abortion could be left to die if that’s what the mother and physician agree upon, it’s still a tragic footnote in our country’s history.

If a newborn, the most treasured and vulnerable of our citizens, can be slaughtered with few exceptions, then what is to become of the rest of us?

Of course, pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood Association of Virginia, NARAL, and others praised the bill’s passage into law – as if legalized murder is something to be celebrated.

Planned Parenthood of Virginia tweeted, We are so proud of your leadership!!!  THANK YOU!”

Pride and celebration over killing unborn children.  What on earth has our nation come to?

A week before the General Assembly’s vote, President Trump – the first sitting President to do so – attended the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

He issued a startling reminder that has apparently fallen on deaf ears in Virginia’s legislature in reference to Governor Northam’s radical progressive views.

The governor stated that he would execute a baby after birth. You remember that,” stated President Trump.

It’s impossible to comprehend, and yet, it is the road that Virginia and other states are on.

Backed by the big money of the liberal media and leftist-run corporations, pro-abortion activists are trampling on the rights of all Americans, especially those who cannot fight back.

It is up to those of us who believe in the sanctity of life to be their voice, and to continue to fight the injustices that a minority in this country are forcing upon all of us.

The worst irony may be that this law, with the word “protection” in its title, has just left the most innocent among us with no protections at all.

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