A Vulnerable Demographic Is Under Attack By Modern Feminists

There is a new group of Americans under attack.  And they are one of the most vulnerable in our society.

Modern feminists are targeting young girls and teens at an alarming rate with their propaganda messages of “having it all” and “being the best at everything.”

But this message, reinforced by the media, celebrities, and liberal icons is having a disastrous effect on young American girls.

The pressure surrounding them to be the “perfect modern woman” as claimed by today’s feminist movement is causing girls and teens to crumble under the weight of depression, anxiety, disappointment, and fear of failure.

From The Guardian:

The assumption nowadays is that girls’ lives have dramatically improved in recent decades. After all, compared with previous generations they have undreamt-of opportunities in terms of freedom and educational achievement.

How, then, to explain recent studies that have caused a ­groundswell of concern among experts? For, far from seeing the world as their oyster, it is becoming increasingly clear that teenage girls are a stand-alone demographic in crisis – a group about which much is assumed but little is known.

Dr Alison Tedstone, who led the research, said the choices being made by teenage girls regarding diet, lifestyle and other health-related issues were so consistently damaging that they had become “a standalone group of the population” requiring immediate intervention.

Modern feminists spew their message to young girls that they are all-powerful and do not need – or should want — a husband or children to fulfill them.

Or, they encourage them to experiment with alternative lifestyles to “figure out” who they really are.

Young girls today are inundated with images of thin, perfectly dressed career women, aggressive in their careers, and pressured to think only of their own needs and desires.

But therein lies the problem.

Young girls and teens today crave acceptance from peers and to portray themselves like the powerful women seen on TV and social media.

But once these young girls mature emotionally, they are sometimes unfulfilled with the choices they were pressured into, and fall into depression over missed opportunities.

We were born to fulfill God’s plan to build a family unit, but young girls now are being discouraged from pursuing a traditional path.

They are pushed into high-stress careers they may not want.

Birth rates are falling, and the horror of abortion is prevalent when young girls are told children will only hold them back from reaching their potential.

Anxiety and depression are the mainstays of today’s young girls and teenage women.  Prescription treatment for this is on the rise in this demographic, as well as an increased suicide rate.

Breitbart reported on an op-ed describing the disastrous effects of the feminist push on traditional American families:

“Now, the fact that feminism is destructive to young men isn’t surprising. But what may be surprising to the average listener is the second stage of the feminist cancer: that it spreads to the very gender is claims to empower. It is easy to compare feminism’s effect on women to leukemia. It often affects the young, and once it appears it quickly spreads throughout the entire bloodstream.

Radical feminists are perplexed and outraged when confronted with a woman that is not a feminist. With tremendous self-righteousness, they will hold up a dictionary and say the definition of feminism is seeking equality between the sexes. The problem for them is nobody is buying it any more.

In the odd, fake, world feminists live in, the patriarchy says to women “you are nothing without us,” but in the real world it is feminists saying to women “You are nothing without us.”

Feminists aren’t for women’s choice, they are for women doing exactly what they are told to do by feminists.  It is a very communist set of ideals, which is why you see a big crossover between feminism and Marxism.  The movement that claimed to be about female empowerment now seems to be about female conformity.”

It is imperative for today’s young women and teens to know they can stand up against the modern feminist trend.

Statistics show the majority of American women still want a husband and children — and they can also have a fulfilling career in the process.

Modern feminism does not build up a young girl’s confidence or hopes for the future.  It tears them down by promising failure if they do not conform to their radical ideas of what a modern woman should be.

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