According To LGBT Activists, Mothers Aren’t Needed In This World

It’s a well-known fact most LGBT activists are absolutely nuts, but this latest statement takes it to a preposterous level.

This time, their latest attack is on mothers, and you won’t believe what their view is towards the very women who gave them life.

And even worse, if LGBT activists win this battle, it could forever change the legal definition of what it means to be a mother.

We all know, mothers play an interictal part in the life and development of their children.

God blessed women with the ability to conceive and carry a child and provide that gentle touch only a mother can to her children.

There’s nothing like a mother’s love.

Songs and stories are written about mothers and the incredible way they nurture and shape a child.

And coupled with the strong direction and guidance of a father, a child growing up with a mother and a father get poured into by both genders.

But LGBT activists seek to pollute and poison everything sacred and beautiful about a woman’s role in her child’s development.

Even more tragic, the latest attack on gender goes on to say mothers are not even a necessary part of a child’s life.

And they claim by casting mothers away, a child is better off.

The latest case of insanity revolves around a woman who gave birth but decided she “identifies” as a man, so wants to be the child’s father.

And now she’s fighting in court to make that happen.

LifeSite News reported:

“A transgender man — a biological woman — is in court insisting that to refer to a legal man as a “mother” is a violation of human rights, and that since society has “evolved,” the birth certificate should instead refer to the person who gave birth to the child as a “father.”

After all, in today’s society, “It is an accepted fact that a female who transitions to male may in law maintain the ability to conceive and give birth to a child,” according to the barrister in charge of the legal team.”

It’s an absolute tragedy; innocent children continue to be thrust into the center of adults with severe mental illness.

And the leftist media plays right into the plot, posting photos of “transgender” parents with their children, trying to make the notion of growing up in a transgender family more palatable.

But conservative moms know better.

Darkness always tries to cover up the truth, but in the end, light will win.

A child deserves to grow up with two healthy parents, a mother, and a father.

And if a “transgender” activist seeks to corrupt and lead their own child astray, the children should be removed from the home, and placed into a healthy environment where they have a fighting chance at stability and normalcy.

Children are not props to be used by the liberal media or the LGBT community.

And as parents, we must continue to speak up for those who are too young to have a voice.

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LBGT activists have revealed their true agenda and it’s darker than anyone could have ever imagined.

By taking a stab at mothers, they are seeking to undermine the critical role a mother plays in raising her children.

But one thing is crystal clear, no “transgender” can ever diminish or take away the role of a mother.

What are your thoughts on “transgender” activists seeking to eliminate the role of a mother?

Do you think children should be taken away from “transgender” activists and placed into a healthy home environment?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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