Activists Praise Record Number Of Deaths By Assisted-Suicide In The Netherlands

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The moral depravity of the world has been evident in the tragic loss of innocent lives under the guile name of “pro-choice.”

And in recent years, liberals have begun pushing their anti-life agenda on the disabled, mentally ill, and physically ill.

In the Netherlands, the wretched mindset of taking one’s life because they are a burden on society has succeeded in shocking records.

According to Dutch News, nearly 7,000 individuals in the Netherlands chose to have “medical professionals” aid them in taking their own life.

Most of the people who elected to commit medically-assisted suicide were said to have suffered from a mental illness or disability.

The shocking statistics from 2020 are higher than ever before!

The Regional Euthanasia Review Committee (RTE) conducted research into the growing rates of euthanasia in the region, looking to ensure each death was within the set guidelines for the practice.

It is awful that a committee feels they are the ones with the knowledge and responsibility to decide who should be able to be murdered and when it constitutes as a crime!

The 9% increase in deaths in 2020 were reported to be a large number of individuals with terminal cancer that opted to end their life.

Dementia accounted for 2% of deaths, reports Dutch News, and psychiatric disorders accounted for 1%.

How does a doctor consider it assisted suicide if the patient has dementia? How do they know someone is of sound mind or not?

Seems like that would be more like genocide than assisted suicide.

And one can’t help but think that there’s a likely correlation between reduced social outings and gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic and the decrease in physical and physiological health.

But RTE chairman Jeroen Recourt is convinced otherwise.

Recourt said, according to Trouw, he believes the data is completely normal and does not play “part of a larger development.”

He adds:

More and more generations see euthanasia as a solution to unbearable suffering. But the idea that euthanasia is an option in case of hopeless suffering, gives a lot of peace.”

Agnes Wolbert is a pro-euthanasia activist and has been very outspoken about what she believes to be a great advancement in medically-assisted suicide.

Wolbert tells Dutch News:

It is a great achievement that people can die in this way at home, and certainly isn’t self-evident when you look abroad. This is a great compliment to GPs, who carry out more than 80% of euthanasia cases themselves, and are ever more often supported by experts from the Expertisecentrum Euthanasie.”

There are so many things wrong with her statement – ethically, morally, and intellectually.

A general practitioner (GP) is not an expert on terminal cancer. Why should they be the ones telling a patient they have no chance, no hope, and that the best option is to let themselves be murdered?

In a devastating quote, Steven Pleiter of the Euthanasia Expertise Center told Live Action:

The post-war generation, the elderly of today, have had a free upbringing and have emphatic ideas about their end of life. In the national figures, I expect to double again in the next eight years, given the increasing number of elderly people.”

Since when did becoming older mean the person loses their value and worth to society and those closest to them?

Our innate worth given to us by God is being compromised in countries where liberals are removing Biblical principles from government and from their decisions.

There are already many states in our nation that believe euthanasia is a sound option for a struggling patient such as California, Colorado, Maine, as well as the District of Columbia.

If government continues to base legislative decisions on emotions and subjective data, then it will not be long before you can walk into your family physician’s office and have them end your life.

The truth that everyone’s life has meaning – the unborn, the disabled, the mentally ill, the physically ill, and the elderly – must be promoted and upheld always.