After A Tragic Loss, One Mom Found Healing With A Priceless Gift

It can be tough to watch or read the news these days, full of so much negativity and hidden agendas.

But once in a while, a story comes our way that shows that there is still goodness in the world.

From the greatest loss comes the greatest gift that one mom could give to honor her child.

Like all of us, Sierra Strangfeld was excited to welcome a second child into her family.  But then she received the news that none of us ever want to hear.

It was determined that her baby had Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder that causes severe abnormalities.  Most babies die in the womb or shortly after birth.

For this reason, doctors often encourage termination of the pregnancy, a belief that denies many children the chance they may have to defy the odds.

For women who choose life, they receive the blessing of seeing their child’s purpose in the world, and the impact that every life makes.

Sierra was due on November 13th, but went into preterm labor, resulting in an emergency C-section on September 5th – more than two months early.

She and her husband got to hold their son, given the name Samuel, for a few hours before he “opened his eyes to Jesus” as Sierra posted on social media.

Every life, no matter how short, has purpose.  And every mother understands that even one child can make a difference.

Sierra decided she wanted to donate her breast milk in order to honor Samuel’s short life.  Her daughter had been given breast milk donated by Sierra’s sister-in-law after her birth, and she wanted to share the gift with others.

Even before Samuel took his last breath, Sierra knew this was what she wanted to do, and the story has since been shared from her Facebook page by programs like Good Morning America.

It was a selfless decision, but not without pain for this mom.  Sierra admits she felt anger at times – anger that she was producing milk that would not feed her own child.  Anger that she was staying up all night pumping milk that would not nourish Samuel.

But she kept on, knowing that Samuel was watching over her and feeling that the process helped to keep them connected.  She felt his presence as she completed her mission.

Sierra pumped her milk for more than two months until Samuel’s original due date of November 13th.   

She produced over 500 ounces of breast milk that would help other babies survive and thrive.

Every mom has their own way of mourning the loss of a child, and this was Sierra’s way of helping herself to heal.  

She understands that donating milk is not for everyone, but it was the right decision for her.

Each year, thousands of mothers donate breast milk, either because they are producing far more than their babies need or because they’ve lost a baby.

Either way, it is a very personal gift and a special kind of sacrifice.

For moms interested in donating their breast milk, many hospitals have resources that can help.  There are many breastfeeding advocacy groups that are happy to give information to a new mom who wants to share this gift with those who need it.

We applaud Sierra Strangfeld for her sacrifice during the most difficult time of her life, and we pray that she continues to be comforted by the purpose that little Samuel fulfilled.

Do you know a mom who has donated her breast milk?  Leave us your comments.