Alarming: Scientist Under Obama Lied To Push An Agenda

Environmentalists have long had an agenda that surpasses saving water and recycling. Being conscious of how we use our resources is just common sense and speaking on sustainability practices is fine.

The problem is when those ideas translate to putting millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into scientifically unsubstantiated hypotheticals. The global warming research arena has pushed passed sensical financial barriers to a point that threatens the use of our government as it was intended.

Under the Obama administration, environmentalist agendas were supported and propelled full- force. Millions and millions in taxpayer money was put toward research and promotion of clean fuel, and making a smaller carbon footprint.

One of Obama’s environmental efforts was in the research of global warming and the promotion of reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. These efforts led to joining the Paris Climate Conference. This club of sorts had members from all over the world where you paid a very high membership fee to talk about what your nation is doing to prevent global warming.

Obama wanted to bring something to the Paris Climate Conference meeting so badly it seems that he was willing to bring altered data to suggest global warming was getting worse.

Fox News reported:

“A key Obama administration scientist brushed aside inconvenient data that showed a slowdown in global warming in compiling an alarming 2015 report that coincided with the White House participation in the Paris Climate Conference, a whistle blower is alleging.”

The federal scientist wasn’t the only one to have discovered similar results. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found similar results in 2013 which showed a slowdown in global warming.

Fox News reported:

“A team of federal scientists led by Thomas Karl, published in the journal Science in June 2015 and later known as the “pausebuster” paper sought to discredit the notion of a slowdown in warming.”

The paper by Karl attempting to show other scientists their data was wrong and that global warming is bad had a convenient release date.

Fox News reported:

“Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Science Committee, questioned the timing, noting the paper was published just before the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan was submitted to the Paris Climate Conference of 2015.”

Rep. Smith said in a statement, “In the summer of 2015, whistleblowers alerted the Committee that the Karl study was rushed to publication before underlying data issues were resolved to help influence public debate about the so-called Clean Power Plan and upcoming Paris climate conference,”

Of course, Thomas Karl is not admitting to any of these allegations.

A man named John Bates came forward to shed further light on the improprieties of Karl while under the Obama administration.

The Daily Mail reported Bates stated Karl was, “insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming and minimized documentation in an effort to discredit the notion of a global warming pause, rushed so that he could time publication to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy.”

Obama needed the data to suggest increases in global warming so he could get more funding.

According to Politico, “Obama’s requested budget plan for 2017 The EPA would get a 50% increase in funding for its global warming programs.”

Even with all of this information coming to light, we can rest assured these dishonest transgressions won’t happen with the current administration because Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Conference to take care of his own citizens and spend America’s money on more sound national investments.



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  1. sandraleesmith46 says:

    Oh no; ya THINK???

  2. Reverend Joe Ruyle says:

    How is it “alarming” to read a story about something everyone, not in a political coma, knew was happening all along?

  3. Harry Raynack says:

    This may be a good reason to have term Limits, The Run For President should She Win, Would wreck This Nation to the core. Obama, The Clinton’s, and many Democrats and Republicans have Sold Out America For Big Money, Giving Her great Power. Hell, why isn’t the Congress Going Nuts about that Illegal Transaction between her Middleman and the Russians. Now Who Is The middleman here? It may be dangerous to even talk about. What it is Called, The Clinton Cartel. An off- shoot of the Real Cartel already in action for a long time. They possess Long reaching Arms. We, would turn communist under Her rule if ever She Became President. She should never be elected! Our families all would know Hard Times. I myself was Born into it, after a will, you eat when there is food. You Don’t Eat when There is no food. Now this Woman is still on the Ball
    field, Make no Mistake. Al Gore we be chosen to run as V.P. The Crystal Ball just puts me in the right frame of mind to see through a rip in the time vale that is all around us by way of Dimensions. I have learned in my 68 years of Life with Real out of this dimension, experience was my Teacher, We must Make Term Limits the Law of this Land. Freedom is something somebody wants to take from Americans. It’s truly Visible look at it.

  4. it is time to change our government structure, and regulate and define its power. I have some Ideas but can find no one that will listen or publish my ideas so others can see and offer other ideas or better ones. the power has shifted and has become too centralized within one person. it is time to review our checks and balances so that the people may step in and correct what government has screwed up. does anyone know of a site that publishes the works of the common man? if we had a site where all citizens can offer their suggestions so that the representatives could actually see what the people want and use it. If we still have any who will stand in representation for the people time to put control back in the hands of the people

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