Alarming Statistic Shows Guns Aren’t The Problem

School shootings are a tragedy that leaves everybody looking for someone, or something to blame.

With the recent Florida school massacre that left 17 dead, people have taken to the streets and to their politicians with desperate cries of outrage over how something like this could have happened.

The easy point of contention is the gun used to commit these heinous crimes. It is easy to blame the guns because it is a single object you can pinpoint, and it cannot fight back.

Losing a loved one is an extremely painful experience one would not wish on anybody, and out of grief can come anger and resentment.

However, making the inanimate object a focal point for change and peace is not an optimal avenue for the diminishing of violence that the left claims to seek.

Statistics that have just come to light show that when the human condition is at its worse, the object used for cruelty is not the issue.

The Daily Wire reported:

London, lauded by the Left for its strict gun laws and embrace of multiculturalism, is not the haven it’s cracked up to be. In February, the U.K. capital outpaced New York City’s murder rate for the first time in modern history as London experienced a surge in knife attacks.”

Both London and New York City have about the same population, with London now the more dangerous city.

Current murder counts are set to propel London even further in the ratings. At the end of March the Times reported, “By late last night there had been 22 killings in the capital, according to the Metropolitan police, against 21 in the US city.”

Gun control in the United Kingdom began its journey after World War I, where the surplus of firearms was thought to be a potential hazard.

In the years following the initial gun control law, events triggered reactionary legislation that took more and more rights away from the citizen.

Breitbart reported on the last extreme measure implemented by the United Kingdom:

When the final stage arrived in 1997, and virtually all handguns were banned via the Firearms Act, the promise was a reduction in crime and greater safety for the British people. But the result was the emergence of Britain as the “most violent country in Europe.””

Individuals were stripped of a way to protect themselves, while criminals ran the streets inflicting harm on defenseless targets.

The law abiding citizens will forgo their rights to a gun in order to stay honorable to their country. Those who are living an illegal lifestyle will not be tempted by such moral callings.

Breitbart reported:

That Britain was “the most violent country in Europe.” They also reported that Britain’s home figures showed “the UK [had] a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and South Africa.””

Murderers have recently been using vicious means of attack in the U.K., such as stabbing and throwing acid on people.

While crimes that resulted in death weren’t always indicative of London, trends in recent years show a scary incline that has pursued despite extremely strict gun laws.

The Daily Wire reported:

Since 2014, excluding victims of terrorism, the number of London murders has risen by a stunning 38%.”

In the United States, we have not seen a death rate increase in decades. In 1990 it was “8.6 deaths per 1,000 population to 8.07 deaths per 1,000 population in 2011”, according to Statista.

Our representatives must be careful to review future repercussions in assessing whether or not to continue focusing on implementing stricter gun laws to fix a problem of violence.

The right to bear arms is a privilege granted to us through the strong leadership of early American representation.

These men knew the danger of allowing the government to strip the citizen of any means of defense, and personal freedom.

It is not the government’s responsibility to direct the movements of the people, but to invoke restraint when one doesn’t operate within lawful means.

Blame should be placed on the individual committing the crime, not the weapon they chose to act with.

The United Kingdom should be a forewarning to the United States.

Liberals and the media need to stop giving disgruntled and troubled individuals misguided rhetoric that they are entitled to a certain life, and that there is always someone, or something to blame besides themselves for their actions.

Please let us know in the comments section how you believe the increasing gun laws are going to affect crime in the U.S.


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