Alert: Parents Punished For Doing The Right Thing – Could It Happen To Us?

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of Socialist nations is that God-given freedoms are being stripped away by government officials and agencies.

And even in the U.S., we are beginning to see parental authority questioned as the government mandates our children’s education, healthcare, and more.

We can look to the U.K. for signs of things to come in the U.S., and a recent trend has us fearing the worst.

The progressive agenda is now deeply-rooted in the U.S.  Our media, our schools, and even our elected officials all fall in line with these left-wing beliefs out of fear of the consequences.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are becoming normalized, and children and teens are taking their parents to court to win the right to change their biological genders.

This issue has become a horror story for some parents in the U.K. after at least three children were taken into the care of the U.K.’s version of Child Protective Services – called Councils – because their parents are arguing against their desire to “transition.”

And if it’s happening in the U.K., it can certainly happen here.

At least three children have officially been removed from their parents’ care in the U.K. due to arguments over the children’s desire to begin gender reassignment.

The information was garnered through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request saying that social workers in the London area placed children in foster homes because of these disputes within the home.

Although spokesmen from both councils involved say that children are never removed from their homes solely because their parents don’t support their transgenderism, it is hard to see any other reason with comments like this:

“Whilst a child’s sexual identity is assessed, it is complex family dynamics and/or contextual safeguarding issues which may negatively impact on a child that are usually the cause of social worker intervention,” stated Hillingdon Bourough Council, according to the Daily Mail.

“Whilst a child’s sexual identity is assessed” leaves little room for doubt why parents are facing this tragic injustice at the hands of a government who wants to be the sole authority over its citizens.

According to recent numbers, the U.K.’s National Health System has seen skyrocketing rates of kids and teens being referred for gender reassignment or treatment – a one thousand percent increase in just over five years.

One thousand percent.

That’s because progressives are preying on vulnerable children who are having normal feelings that go along with adolescence.

Teens are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be; they have doubts and self-esteem issues.

But when you add in influences by the leftist media, celebrities, and school officials who have decided in recent years that every problem can be solved by a child switching genders, it is very dangerous indeed.

The councils in the U.K. deny that these children were removed from their homes due to parents’ lack of support for transitioning, it appears to be too coincidental to go unnoticed.

Parents who are trying to do the best thing for their children, the moral and ethical thing, are receiving the ultimate punishment — having their children taken away — because they are trying to stop them from making a tragic mistake.

The rising number of children and teens identifying as transgender is shocking, and any decision with lifelong, dangerous consequences should never be made by a child going through the tumult of adolescence.

Yet authorities all over the world support and encourage children who want to undergo gender reassignment treatments and surgeries — and give parents little say in the matter.

There are, at least, a few in the U.K. fighting the rising trend of normalizing transgenderism in children.

Equalities Minister Penny Mourdaunt has ordered an investigation into the reasons why nearly 75 percent of students seeking gender reassignment in the U.K. are female.

And a group called “Transgender Trend” is trying to help parents regain the authority to prevent their children from taking drastic measures at such a vulnerable age.

The group is aptly named.  Transgenderism has become a trend, and kids look at it as no different than changing their hairstyle or manner of dress.

And the rash decisions being made by children who want to transition are life-threatening.  Many subject themselves to dangerous hormones and surgeries, and many become clinically depressed and suicidal.

One recent case in the U.K. showed just how little parents are able to do when their minor child jumps on the transgender bandwagon.

An unnamed 13-year-old girl told her parents that she wanted to become male.  Her parents refused to accept this and naturally continued to call her by her given name.

The court’s ruling?  The child was able to cut off contact with her parents, with the judge commenting that she “struggles to understand their complete lack of support.”  Her request to not inform them of her transition surgery was granted.

What is our world coming to when parents – who are legally and morally obligated to provide support and guidance until age 18 – are suddenly stripped of their authority at the whim of the child?

And what kind of government sides with a child and agrees that they should have the right to defile and damage their body?

Parents who do not support their child’s wish to transition to a different gender are met with scorn, even hatred, by the left.

And just because the authorities in the U.K. claim no child is removed from their home over issues relating to transgenderism, it certainly appears that when parents oppose or prevent treatments, the government interferes on the child’s behalf.

It’s not only happening in the U.K.  A recent case in Canada ended with a judge ruling that the father of a 14-year-old could not prevent his child from beginning hormonal treatments.

The father correctly stated that the child was not old enough, mature enough, at 14 to understand the repercussions of such a dangerous decision.

The judge then proceeded to tell the father that if he continued to deter the child from seeking treatment, it would be considered an act of “family violence.”  The father could lose his child and even face jail time.

Make no mistake, there will be plenty more of these cases in every country as this radical progressive ideology continues to become more deeply-rooted in our culture.

Are we as parents supposed to sit idly by and allow our child to make the biggest mistake of their life, or else lose them?

And it appears that even if we fight against this sickening trend, authorities will strip us of our parental rights either way.

It truly is an unbelievable – and tragic – change of course for what God designed to be the Family.

What do you think of the shocking legal precedents that are being set when parents are punished for refusing to support their child’s gender transition?  Leave us your comments.

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