Amazing: Miracle Despite Moving Forward With Anti-life Measures

Taking a life is a horrendous act, which requires psychological manipulation by the aggressor to be able to go through with it.

For those whose lives are taken, things are changed forever in their wake. Doubt and grief often plague the loved ones left behind.

There has been over 897,000 that have been aborted this year in the United States alone, and millions worldwide.

For them, their story doesn’t get to be told, they don’t get graves for loved ones to grieve at, and they don’t get a chance to plead their case for life.

This Christmas season, one child, who almost didn’t make it, will get the opportunity to make some memories thanks to her brave mom, and a medical marvel.

In Massachusetts a single mother, named Samantha, became pregnant with her 4th child, and with the societal pressures of such, decided she was going to seek out an abortion.

Samantha attempted to end the life of her unborn child at a western Massachusetts abortion clinic not once, but three times.

The first attempt she couldn’t make it because of childcare issues with her 3 boys at home. At a rescheduled appointment, Samantha made it to the waiting room, and you won’t believe what happened next.

National Right To Life News reported:

Then, Samantha tried a second time to abort her baby girl, this time keeping her appointment at a Boston abortion business. However, as she sat in the waiting room, waiting for the staff to call her name, Samantha was shocked when the nurse came in and called for another woman: Giselle.

 That was the name Samantha had picked out for her daughter, who she was just minutes away from aborting.”

 Samantha recounts, “It was at that point, I felt like that was a sign of some sort, and I ended up just freaking out and leaving the appointment.”

The pressures of life laid heavy on Samantha, and after only a short time, she made, yet, a third appointment at the abortion clinic.

This time the murderous physicians gave her a dose of mifepristone- a pharmaceutical that takes the life of your unborn child.

Completing this protocol requires an additional dose to be taken, but the negative effects begin at only one.

Immediately after taking the first dose, Samantha realized it wasn’t what she wanted for her child, she recounted, “I’d done the wrong thing.”

 Two weeks earlier, Samantha had visited the office of Abundant Hope, a pregnancy help center, located right down the street from the abortion clinic where Samantha had taken the chemical abortion pills.

While in the office of the help center, they gave Samantha the number to a hotline called the “Abortion Pill Reversal hotline” (877-558-0333); which she called.

National Right To Life News reported:

Within hours, Samantha was in the office of Abundant Hope’s medical director, receiving an emergency dose of progesterone. One of 350 physicians who make up the national Abortion Pill Reversal network, the doctor then worked with Samantha to prescribe an ongoing progesterone treatment plan to get her pregnancy back on track.”

Abundant Hope gave Samantha the support she needed to get through that trying time, and, more importantly, provided her with the means to reverse a choice that would have haunted her.

Samantha referred to the attempted abortion as “that horrifying thing that would have affected the rest of my life.”

Despite Samantha being one of nearly 300 women in the past 5 years that have saved their children from a moment of weakness, the Abortion Pill Reversal gets a bad reputation among abortion supporters and liberal political representatives.

The progesterone used in the Abortion Pill Reversal is FDA approved, and has been prescribed for decades, typically for alternative means.

National Right To Life News reported:

Ironically, Abundant Hope has come under fire in recent weeks from the pro-abortion Campaign for Accountability, which lodged a formal complaint with the state, accusing Abundant Hope of tricking women into rejecting abortion.

The complaint was filed less than a week after the staff and volunteers at Abundant Hope held a baby shower in Samantha—and her unborn daughter’s—honor.”

Abundant Hope will fight this preposterous complaint with all those they have helped saved in mind.

In just a matter of days, Samantha will meet her beautiful baby girl, Giselle.

The holiday miracle is touching many in her birth with the staff at Abundant Hope saying, “We’re very excited to meet this little girl in December.”

Every life is brought into this world a precious gift. We must speak out against the leftist manipulators that think they are in a position to judge a life worthwhile.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have heard, or experienced, a success story with the Abortion Pill Reversal.

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