Ambitious Young Democrat Is Hoping His Dirty Past Is Ignored

Photo by Joe on Unsplash


Liberals have praised child predators, immorality, and the death of unborn children.

So, it should not be surprising that they are now lifting a young man who has repeatedly committed reprehensible acts.

And furthermore, they want you to vote for him!

The Hill reports:

“A 19-year-old candidate who has made controversial comments on social media and acknowledged abusive behavior online towards girls in middle school is currently leading a veteran lawmaker for a state House seat in Kansas City, Kans.”

Aaron Coleman doesn’t have an impressive resume or any experience in politics but is beating seven-term state Rep. Stan Frownfelter (D) in the primaries.

The community college student and dishwasher has 807 votes to Frownfelter’s 802.

Many celebrities and politicians have made heartless comments about Trump and his administration, laying the groundwork for the up and coming generation of leaders to carry the same disrespectful tones.

On social media, Coleman was criticized for sharing that he would “laugh and giggle” if a formal GOP state lawmaker died from coronavirus, reports The Hill.

It is not a humorous matter when anybody dies, and desensitization of death is what has led to the millions of unborn children killed shamelessly every year.

Not only has Coleman posted an appalling message on social media, but he acknowledges his allegations of online bullying, blackmail, and revenge porn targeting middle school girls when he was a minor (which was only a couple years ago).

The Kansas City Star laid out his dirty deeds in an editorial, including how he obtained a nude photo of a middle-school girl and threatened to share it if he was not given more.

Is this the kind of person you want making decisions on your behalf?

Multiple women have come forward to attest to Coleman’s abusive language toward them, with one sharing how she attempted suicide after enduring harsh harassment from him for some time in the sixth grade.

Although Coleman has apologized for his past indiscretions to the Star, saying, “I made serious mistakes in middle school and I deeply regret and apologize for them. I’ve grown up a great deal since then,” it speaks volumes on his ability to be a political leader at such a young age.

Going from dishwasher to the national limelight can be intimidating, which is partly why Coleman ultimately ended up dropping out of the race.

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According to the New York Post, the attention was never expected to reach such levels, and he said it was all “too much.”

This is also shortly after he publicly admitted to the allegations against him concerning the inappropriate nude photos and abusive language.

It is disheartening how Coleman was able to make it as far as he was in the primaries with the public knowing about his allegations.

Sadly, the idea of a young man going outside the stereotype of an older white male legislature was enough for liberals to flock to the polling stations.

The left desperately seeks to push the status quo, even if that means putting an inexperienced predator in office.

Some change is good – equal voting rights for citizens for one – but change for the sake of change can be troublesome.