An American Mother’s Shocking Experience Sets A Dangerous Precedent

The world watched in outrage recently as officials in the UK prevented care for a severely ill child, going so far as to prevent his parents from taking him home to die.

We may think what happened to the family of Alfie Evans could not happen here in the U.S., but government agencies and the courts continue to trample the rights of citizens – bringing us closer and closer to becoming a socialist nation.

If you think it cannot happen here, think again – one American mother’s recent experience has people outraged and should have all of us deeply concerned.

Café Mom reported:

When Cheirha Rankins heard that her 18-year-old son, Nylik Moore, had been shot in the chest last Tuesday, she rushed to York Hospital in Pennsylvania to see him. But when the worried mom got to the hospital, she wasn’t even allowed in the building. A few hours later, crying and waiting for answers in the parking lot, Rankins was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Now, people are demanding answers as to why this grieving mom didn’t get to see her son before he died.

Rankins told the York Dispatch that she arrived at the hospital at nearly the same time as her boy. “I was no more than three minutes behind [the ambulance] … I thought he could still be alive,” the mother said. “But I was told I had to stay outside.”

“I thought I could save his life if he heard my voice,” Rankins said, sobbing. “I just wanted him to hear my voice,” according to USA Today.

Cheirha Rankins did not find out whether her son was dead or alive until two hours after arriving at the hospital, where she waited outside until she was given the devastating news.  He was 18 years old and died without his mother at his bedside.

Another parent was in the same situation at York Hospital – her son was involved in an unrelated shooting – and she and family members were also barred from entering the hospital. The two mothers were in shock and loudly grieving, desperate for answers.

And then the police showed up.

A bystander took video of the scene outside the hospital where police can be seen blocking the families and threatening them with pepper spray and arrest if they did not calm down.

One adult family member, as well as a teenage girl, were arrested as Rankins stood dumbfounded at what was going on.  And things were about to get even further out of hand.

Café Mom continued:

Rankins told the York Dispatch that an officer ordered her to leave the premises, and that even after she informed the officer that she was the mother of a shooting victim and was waiting to be contacted by the coroner’s office, authorities on the scene wouldn’t grant her leniency. Rankins was ultimately arrested while trying to help her own mother, she says, who had fallen down in the scuffle. Her arrest wasn’t captured in the video, but she was detained by police and charged with disorderly conduct.

Rankins says that the crowd at the hospital was never “disorderly” in the first place. “All we were doing was crying and moaning,” she told the York Dispatch. 

After being released from custody, Rankins went back to the hospital to see her son’s body and say a final goodbye.  But once again, she was prevented from being able to do so, denied a common act of decency during the most difficult moment of her life.

Hospital administration cited “standard policy” in not allowing Rankins to see her son, but others who have spoken out have never heard of such a thing.

A spokesman for the hospital stated that the families were denied entry because the facility was on lockdown – supposedly hospital policy when a victim of violent crime is brought in.

Even County Coroner Pam Gay has no idea why Rankins and the family of the other homicide victim were not permitted to see their sons.  According to Fox 43, Gay remarked,

“We have never been told there was a policy where a family can’t view the victim of a homicide. We’ve never been told that before.”

Following her investigation, Gay was ready to bring Nylik’s family in to view his body before taking it to the morgue.  This, according to Gay, is standard procedure and vital for the family’s grieving process.

“I’m not really sure what the difference was this time,” Gay said. “It’s frustrating for us at all levels. I don’t know what happened in this instance,” USA Today reported.

There was obviously something else going on here, yet no further statements have been made by the police involved or hospital officials, although the mayor’s office is investigating and has met with Nylik’s family and the police chief.

The case is frightening because it parallels the tragic ordeal of the family of toddler Alfie Evans, who was denied the right to choose care for their child or even take him home to die.

Our local, state, and federal bureaucrats are increasingly encroaching on our rights.

The left wants to change the Constitution to further their agenda, and the disaster of ObamaCare – so resembling the socialized medicine that killed Alfie Evans – has still not been repealed.

Our speech is being monitored and censored, our God-given liberties and freedoms suppressed, and our most basic human rights are being stripped away.

Mommy Underground previously reported on the system of government that denied basic rights to the Evans family in the UK, and what will begin to happen in the U.S. if things don’t change.

If we don’t stand up and fight for the freedoms granted to us by God and the Constitution, overreaching government will make our most important decisions for us – and that path is dark indeed.

In being denied even the most common decency to see her son’s body, Rankins seems to be the latest victim of the attempted takeover of our society by those in power.

What do you think of the ordeal that Cheirha Rankins is being put through and the frightening increase in our basic human rights being violated?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.