Another Absurd Attack On Traditional Families Furthers The Liberal Agenda

With liberal attacks on everything traditional families stand for, parents should have seen this coming.

A new trend is emerging this year throughout school districts in the U.S. and Canada.

In an effort to celebrate “inclusivity”, several schools are now doing away with the time-honored tradition of students making Mother’s and Father’s Day cards and crafts for their parents.

A note was sent home recently to parents in a British Columbia school, and now other schools are jumping on the bandwagon of destroying a family tradition which dates back a century.

KXTV in Canada released a copy of the letter from a primary day school:

As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approach we have met as a Primary (Grade 1 and 2) team to discuss our core values. In an effort to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and also nurture our students who are part of non-traditional families, we have decided to encourage those celebrations to take place at home. Due to this, the children will not be making gifts at school to give on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We feel each family knows the best way to celebrate with their own family.

And most parents did not react well to the news:

I think disappointed is an understatement. This will be the first year that we don’t get gifts crafted with love from our kids, and since we only have one little one now it makes it all that much worse. I don’t understand why we, as Canadians, need to give up our traditions that have been passed through generations. I welcome all races and ethnicities, but forcing us to give up things that are important to us as Canadians is crap. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with religion? You can’t celebrate your Mom and Dad?

The schools seem to think that by allowing their students to make a Mother’s or Father’s Day card, that they are going to offend non-traditional families, or those with alternative parenting structures, such as homosexual couples.

And, of course, the liberal media is celebrating the idea, going so far as stating that if a child has a transgendered or “transitioning” parent, then that parent would not be called a mother or father, but “parent”.

So what is the liberals’ alternative for destroying these holidays that bring so much joy to parents?

They have made a new “non-offensive” holiday — “Parents’ Day” to be celebrated in July.

Popsugar reports on one school’s decision to placate non-traditional families:

“We have traditionally shown our appreciation for all of our wonderful parents by setting up a card making station for the children in each room so they can make cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (if they like). But times, they are a-changing! We have single parent families, dual mom families, families that are just about every shape and size — and rather than inadvertently point out differences in families during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we are going to offer the children card making stations to celebrate Parent’s Day, in July.”

One parent commented on this absurd idea:

And it’s not about Parents’ Day. No one even knows when Parents’ Day is, and it certainly doesn’t hold the same significance for moms and dads as Mother’s and Father’s Days do. It’s also not even completely inclusive as it’s still called Parents’ Day, plural.

It’s the principle that we’re slowly chipping away at longstanding traditions and celebrations in order to avoid pointing out differences. Differences exist. We’re never going to do away with differences. And why should we want to? We should celebrate them and discuss them. We should expose our children to them. We should arm our children with tools to handle them. We should fight to keep them as part of the narrative so they become less different and more ordinary.

Biblical history, as well as centuries of culture in the U.S. and elsewhere, show the tremendous importance mothers and fathers have in the lives of their children.

This new step by liberals to embrace “diversity” does nothing but destroy more of the traditional foundations of the family.

Not only are they introducing a new “holiday” to include non-traditional families, but they are calling for an end of the traditional Mother’s and Father’s Day holidays altogether — showing that their idea of being “inclusive” is simply getting rid of any long-standing traditions that don’t fit their agenda.