Another Child Endangered As His Own Mother Falls Prey To A Radical Agenda

Until progressive propaganda began infiltrating every aspect of our culture, kids could freely use their imaginations to play, pretend, and explore.

Now, children as young as three and four are being indoctrinated, and if they suddenly declare they are the opposite gender during playtime, schools — and even parents — run away with the idea and encourage gender transitioning.

It sounds unbelievable, but a U.K. family is proving just how far society has fallen off the cliff as more and more people buy into this agenda.

Janeen Schofield, a U.K. mom, watched her three-year-old son playing as so many young children do.

He pretended to be a girl from time to time, playing dress-up and asking when he would become a girl.

At first, Schofield had the appropriate response – it was a phase that would pass; it was simply imaginative play at work.

But as her son kept bringing it up, Schofield decided that this young child – barely over three – “sensed” he was supposed to actually be a girl.

And instead of gently guiding and correcting the child – telling him we cannot change who we are born as — she decided to support his wishes to become a girl.

The child’s mother started to refer to him as a girl and encouraging the “transition” after taking him to a Pride parade where he felt inspired and supported by a local transgender group that caters to kids and teens.

 At age seven, she had his name legally changed to “Luna,” changed his passport and other documents, and allowed him to wear girls’ clothing to school.

She now seems proud of the fact that her son is recorded as the youngest child to become transgender in the U.K. at the time of his insistence at age three.

Schofield is not the only parent to fall prey to this progressive indoctrination that gender is “fluid.”  She is not the only parent to encourage their child to transition, even including allowing dangerous treatments and surgeries.

It’s becoming a global epidemic as physicians say that cases of gender dysphoria have doubled in recent years.

But what is even more difficult to fathom than Schofield’s decisions for her son is who else is wholeheartedly supporting it.

The vicar in her local parish of the Church of England eagerly participated in “re-baptizing” her son as a girl when “Luna” turned seven.  The vicar even wore a rainbow-hued scarf for the ceremony.

In the Church of England, as well as in churches all over the U.S. and U.K., pastors and ministers are receiving “sensitivity training” for their transgender congregants.

While the second baptism is not official according to doctrine, clergy are encouraged to offer a ceremony in the style of baptism to children and adults who decide to change genders.

Andrea Minichiello Williams is a lay member of the Church’s General Synod, and has come forward to voice her opinion on the church’s acceptance of this rampant indoctrination.

“Using an affirmation of baptism to celebrate a gender transition turns this upside down by encouraging people to follow their own feelings and live in identities contrary to how God created them,” LifeSite News reports.

And many doctors and psychologists have warned of the life-long implications of encouraging children to declare themselves transgender.  

Depression, self-harm, and even suicide are becoming an all-too-familiar outcome for these children as they get older.

Janeen Schofield is reported to have already taken her son to a half-dozen clinic appointments in London as a way to start the dangerous, physical process of gender transition.

Critics also say that groups – like the one Schofield’s son was impressed with at the Pride festival they attended – are another inherent danger in the indoctrination process.

Children are vulnerable and impressionable, and when issues are presented as normal and acceptable by someone they feel they can trust, the damage is significant.

The indoctrination won’t stop anytime soon – if ever – but a child’s first line of defense is the parents who are entrusted by God to guide them on the right path.

Sadly, for this young boy, his mother has fallen prey to an all-too-common scenario these days.  

Hopefully, she will see the dangers before it is too late for her little boy.

What do you think of the rise of acceptance and encouragement of the transgender lifestyle for very small children, even within churches?  Leave us your thoughts.