Another Extramarital Trend Is Gaining Popularity And Destroying Families

Twisted liberal ideologies have been destroying many aspects of the traditional family for some time now.

We have gay marriage threatening the holy union of a man and a woman, the transgender movement telling our children the way you were born may have been a mistake, and women thinking that they should be able to choose to kill their unborn children if it suits them.

It’s often hard to imagine there is more that could be done to unravel the family dynamic, to do away with everything that a family is designed to be.

Well, an old sin has come back to haunt society in a new way. The indiscretion is adultery. It has plagued many married couples throughout centuries, leaving destruction in its wake.

From scandalous stories in the Victorian Age to tragic heartbreak in your very own neighborhoods or homes, adultery has long been seen as an act of lust that creates insecurity and anger within your once intimate relationship.

Now, this tantalizing act is being seen as a new way to invigorate a dead marriage. Instead of calling it adultery, they like to paint a less shameful hue overtop by calling it “open-marriage”, “non-monogamy consensual relationships”, or “cuckolding.”

The Daily Wire had more to say on the matter:

Our culture has officially found its next frontier. And it involves your wife sleeping with another man.

Many speculated that the social acceptance of polygamy would be next on the docket, but polygamy was never going to be championed by progressive pioneers. Polygamy is an old word, and an honest one, so it won’t do. Instead they’ve come up with a euphemism to stand in its place: “open marriage.”

There have been many studies done recently to try to give open marriages legitimacy as a positive marriage protocol for some.

The “science” is flaky at best with the “studies” being more of a questionnaire to married individuals about if they want to sleep with other people.

With half of married couples ending in divorce, one could see how the data could tilt toward people thinking that open marriages are a viable option.

CNN, in all their liberal glory, did a story highlighting a study they thought helped broaden one’s mind to the idea of cuckolding or having an adulterous partner:

According to a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage, acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness.

This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality,” said Ley, whose book “Insatiable Wives” addresses cuckolding in heterosexual couples. “But we’re hearing more and more about it these days, and more people are rejecting the social stigma against this fantasy.”

“The reality of watching your spouse have sex with someone else — or knowing they’re doing it, if you’re not there — is often very different than the fantasy. It can dredge up powerful emotions, so take baby steps and keep talking and communicating,” said Savage.”

So, adultery is merely a “social stigma” to these people. Breaking the vows you made to your spouse, and creating an environment that breeds deception is not comparable to wearing your pajamas to the grocery store; that is a social stigma.

In most states adultery is, also, still illegal. You can get anywhere from a fine to years in jail for breaking the covenant you agreed upon.

And they don’t want you to go head first into this whole cheating thing, it is advisable that you take “baby steps” when sleeping with another person besides your spouse; after all, they may get a little upset.

The DailyMail tried to lure people into this progressive trap with an insider scoop on a woman who “bravely” told her husband she wanted an open marriage.

After Anita told her husband, Marc, she found “monogamy stifling and wanted other sexual and emotional partners”, he agreed because he didn’t want to lose her.

She went on to get a boyfriend that she went away on weekends with, while Marc watched their two kids. Anita would also bring the boyfriend on family outings!

Which apparently, is all fine with Anita because she explained to the children that monogamy is “not right” for her.

The whole story ends with Marc moving out of the house with the kids, so she can fulfill her fantasies with her Italian boyfriend.

Seems far from the functional marriage option they are trying to portray. Unfortunately, many such stories end the same way, they thought this was a good idea, to act on sexual impulses, and then lo and behold they find out that living like a group of chimpanzees doesn’t offer the emotional stability you were hoping for.

Adultery is never going to be part of a functional marriage, and the media needs to stop trying to sugarcoat it.

It leads people on to thinking that their shameful acts are not that bad, and their spouses just need to get on board to see how fun this whole sleeping around thing is.

Families are the backbone of civilization and always have been. It is being tampered with and society is suffering.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. It is a covenant, a promise, to be faithful and loyal to your spouse, no matter the whims of the moment.

Please let us know what you think about open marriages, and what you think a couple is trying to accomplish being in one.

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