Another State Jumps On The Left’s Brainwashing Bandwagon

Our nation’s families are under the most invasive form of attack ever known at the hands of the left.

Little by little, they have brainwashed and bullied corporations, organizations, and our public school boards into adopting their agenda and imposing it on Americans.

As parents, we may think we are the most important influence on the values we teach our children, but now yet another state is mandating leftist indoctrination – and you won’t believe how far they’re taking it.

Illinois has now introduced legislation which will mandate that our children be brainwashed with the LGBT agenda as early as kindergarten.  Activist Mommy reported:

In Illinois, this agenda has taken the form of the so-called “Inclusive Curriculum, which will be mandated by bills SB 3249 and HB 5596, if they pass.

“If passed, this indoctrination bill will require that any “book or book substitute that will be used as a text or text substitute” in grades K-12 include the role and contributions” of homosexuals and of men and women who adopt opposite-sex personas (also known deceptively as “transgender”),” explains the Illinois Family Institute on their website. “In other words, all materials used in schools will be required to address the roles and contributions of people who define themselves by their disordered sexual desires and sexual behaviors.”

This new curriculum overhaul does not seek to include historical figures for history’s sake.  Instead, historical figures with known deviant sexual tendencies are to be studied as pioneers of their time simply for their alternative lifestyles.

Activist Mommy continued:

“Homosexual and ‘trans’ activists are not centrally concerned about ensuring that the accomplishments of Sally Ride, James Baldwin, and Oscar Wilde are included in curricula; they already are. Homosexual and ‘trans’ activists…are centrally concerned about ensuring that students know that Ride, Baldwin and Wilde were sexually and romantically attracted to persons of the same sex. Homosexual and ‘trans’ activists seek to transfer the good feelings children and teens have about accomplishments to homosexuality and opposite-sex impersonation. It’s a ploy to render disordered feelings and immoral actions innocent by association with accomplishment,” Illinois Family Institute explains.

Far from being an “Inclusive Curriculum,” vulnerable students will be brainwashed into thinking what they are learning in school is the norm, and parental rights and traditional values taught in the home will be trampled.

This is especially dangerous for younger students like kindergartners who will grow up learning this propaganda throughout the totality of their education and will be confused about the conflicting information they are receiving between school and parents.

Similar legislation was first introduced in California, and already parents are feeling the effects.  A recent incident at a Rocklin County school shocked parents, and showed them how little say they have in what their children are exposed to.

National Review reported:

[National Review reported] about the “transition ceremony” hosted by a kindergarten teacher at California’s Rocklin Academy Gateway to celebrate a gender-dysphoric boy donning the attire and appellation of a little girl…

The shocked and angry parents of the Rocklin pupils had not received advance notice of the “lesson” and learned of the events only when their confused children returned home.

When the outraged parents complained to school administrators, the principal fell back on Rocklin’s non-discrimination policy and the supposed age-appropriateness of the discussions.

California, like 21 other states and the District of Columbia, requires schools to notify parents of their sex-education curriculum. The Golden State also joins 35 other states and D.C. in requiring schools to allow parents to opt their children out of sex education. But the California legislature specifically excluded “gender identity” from the state’s notice and opt-out requirements, by providing in Section 51932(b) of the Education Code:

“This chapter does not apply to instructions, materials, presentations, or programming that discuss gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, relationships, or family and do not discuss human reproductive organs and their functions.”

That’s right – due to the crafty language of the bill, parents angry over what is being taught to their children have little recourse other than finding an alternate form of education.

They were literally told that due to the exclusion of the language “gender identity” in the bill, they are legally unable to opt-out their children from this vulgar leftist indoctrination.

More states are sure to follow with mandates on teaching deviant sexual behaviors and praising anti-family alternate lifestyles as the left continues its mission of mass brainwashing.

Our nation is going down a dark path due to the targeting of our youth in the hopes that further generations will become so indoctrinated that none of our traditional values remain.

What do you think of the latest legislation to be introduced with the plan of spreading the liberal agenda?  Leave us your thoughts.

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