Another Step By Hollywood Further Isolates Traditional Families

It comes as no surprise that the agenda of the left continues to grow in liberal Hollywood.

Hollywood celebrities and media elites promote alternative lifestyles and attack conservatives at every turn.

But this latest move in Hollywood is disturbing due to the ease in which one LGBT activist is bringing change to the industry.

Asia Dillon, a self-proclaimed “genderless and non-binary” actor recently complained to the media about Hollywood award shows dividing categories like ‘Best Actor or Actress’ to define gender roles.

Following a letter written by Dillon about the unfair gender distinctions of the Emmy Awards, MTV has caved to her pressure and created the first “genderless” award show.

And actress Emma Watson gushed over Dillon as she was presented the first of these awards for her role in Beauty and the Beast.

LifeSite News reported:

“MTV’s move to create a genderless award for acting will mean something different to everyone,” she said. “But to me, it indicates that acting is about the ability to out yourself in someone else’s shoes, and that doesn’t need to be separated into two different categories. Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits.”

Dillon continued, “And you know, ‘actress’ is a band-aid for a wound, and I’m excited to be a part of the uncovering of the wound, so we actually get to talk about why women and people of color and gender non-conforming people have been historically underrepresented in film and television. That’s the conversation we really need to be having.”

Watson told the audience the award was very meaningful. Then, regarding Dillon, she said, “Both to be winning the award, and to be receiving it from you, Asia. Thank you for educating me in such an inclusive, patient, and loving way.”

Watson opened her acceptance speech by saying the first acting award to not separate nominees based upon gender “says something about how we perceive the human experience.”

As liberal as today’s celebrity culture has become, there was a time in the Golden Age of Hollywood where traditional gender roles were celebrated, and actresses especially welcomed the separation of a category awarding women for their work in the industry.

Old American films featuring actors and actresses who will forever be household names for their iconic roles in the history of American culture celebrated traditional gender roles.

Actresses in the Golden Age welcomed the chance to portray strength and dignity as a model for American women.

But now, especially with this most recent attack by the left, families are left with very few options for appropriate films and television shows to watch together.

The movie for which Watson received this first “genderless” award stemmed from her portrayal of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast — ironically a film with a backstory supporting traditional gender roles, but which has turned into another victory for the left with its homosexual undertones.

And Asia Dillon sees herself as a figurehead for the LGBT movement in Hollywood, fueled by her victory in having an entire awards show changed to suit her agenda.

Variety reported:

Last month, Asia Kate Dillon made headlines for challenging the gender-specific Emmy Awards, sending a letter to the Television Academy, questioning the classification of acting categories.

As for the Emmys, Dillon ultimately decided to be submitted in the supporting actor category, telling Variety in early April, “What I learned through my research is that the word ‘actor,’ specifically in reference to those who performed in plays, came about in the late 1500s as a non-gendered word.”

At the time, the TV Academy told Variety, “We are happy with our productive dialogue with Asia based on their very thoughtful letter. The Television Academy celebrates inclusiveness, and as we discussed with Asia, there is no gender requirement for the various performer categories. Asia is free to choose the category they wish to enter.”

And one can note that in the interview, Dillon has requested to be referred to by the pronoun “they,” as to clarify that gender has no meaning — and no place in Hollywood.

Perhaps once traditional American families stop paying to see these films overrun with leftist propaganda, Hollywood will lose the power to keep spreading their liberal agenda to our children.