As Indoctrination Is Forced Upon Our Children, Students In One School Are Fighting Back

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There is no greater threat from the progressive agenda than the one being imposed upon our children in public schools.

School boards and administrators are so frightened of standing their ground against a minority of Americans, that they’ve chosen to force our children to adopt anti-Family values as truths.

Not only are family values trampled in favor of this “new normal,” but the fight has become so one-sided, it’s hard to imagine regaining ground – and one school is on the frontlines of this battle.

Marshall Middle School in Minnesota has nearly 700 students between grades 5 to 8 in attendance.

This is a typical middle-American small town, where parents want to stay involved in what’s happening in their children’s school.

The school is now in the national spotlight as an example of how far the Left wants our nation to go in order to promote their agenda and cement it as normalcy in future generations.

Like many schools, banners and flags and posters are hung to celebrate accomplishments, promote events, and symbolize pride in the school and community.

But one flag hanging in Marshall Middle’s cafeteria is causing an uproar.

School administrators decided the rainbow “Pride” flag, a symbol of homosexual and transgender inclusion, would be hung in the most heavily-traveled area of the school next to the American flag and those representing other nations.

A symbol representing an agenda that has permeated our nation so deeply, it is deemed important enough to be displayed along with the most important flags in the world.

But, the issue at hand in this school is not just that the rainbow flag is being displayed, as it is in so many other public buildings across the country.

At Marshall Middle, the students themselves, were upset over the flag’s prominence in the cafeteria – and they decided to fight back.

Thinking they had no choice over the matter, however, they petitioned the administration to at least allow them to display other flags that represented the values of the majority of students in this small town – those that celebrated traditional American values…

…Flags like the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and one representing a heterosexual nuclear family.

The students’ requests were denied – the rainbow flag would stay, but flags displaying more traditional values would not be permitted to hang in the cafeteria.

There were calls from parents, meetings between families and administrators, and the issue even went before the local school board before a packed audience.

Children who were fighting for traditional values and families to be represented were bullied in and out of the school.

It became clear that school administrators were putting the desires of a few over those of the majority – caving to an agenda that so many in leadership have done before them.

Anger and disappointment over the double-standard in the school system has not dissipated.  Parents have retained counsel to represent their interests and those of their impressionable young children.

Special Counsel Erick Kaardal has requested documents pertaining to the legal policies regarding public displays in the Marshall School District.

And because public schools are funded by taxpayers, the district will likely have no choice but to further examine their actions in this case.

Parents and families are working with Kaardal to establish whether they need to move forward with a lawsuit in order to have their voices heard.

It has become a matter of free speech – free speech that is only being granted to a minority who refuses to respect anyone else’s beliefs or opinions.

This is far from the first time that an agenda has been pushed on our school children, but it is unique in the fact that, this time, students are fighting back.

Mommy Underground will keep you posted on any new developments in this landmark case.

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