As The Left Spreads Its Poison Over The Nation, A Candidate’s Chilling Words Say It All 

Our nation is divided like we haven’t seen in decades, as the Left schemes to take complete control over our nation and its citizens.

One needed only to watch the hearings to impeach President Trump to see that progressive Democrats refuse to hear any side but their own.

And what is most in danger as they work to shut down our most basic rights is the most important right of all – life itself.

As we gear up for a presidential election year in 2020, radical liberal candidates want to change the very foundation our nation was built on in hopes of creating a socialist utopia.

But it is their blatant disregard for human life that is the most disgraceful – and will truly mar the legacy of our country for future generations.

Every one of the Democratic candidates running for the presidency is committed to legalizing nearly unlimited abortion-on-demand – and having taxpayers pay for it.

Among the most rabid progressives is a woman – Elizabeth Warren – who apparently holds no regard for the most important role a woman can hold, that of mother.

Time after time again since she announced her campaign to take the White House in 2020, Warren has insisted that murdering innocent babies is a fundamental human “right” – a “healthcare” issue, and a necessity for women’s “equality.”

But perhaps the most disturbing comment she’s made thus far on the campaign trail took place recently on a stop in battleground state Iowa.

Warren dared to declare that women deserve access to abortion because, “that is what we do as a country.”

And if Warren and progressive liberals are elected into office next year, this fantasy will become the truth.

Since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, well over 60 million babies have been slaughtered legally in this country.

Warren thinks this practice should be a cornerstone of our nation – something to be proud of.   A new norm for American values.

Warren supports abortion for any reason up until the moment of birth.  In fact, she voted in early 2019 against a bill that would prohibit infanticide.  She believes that if a child survives an abortion, they should be left to die since they weren’t wanted in the first place.

Shocking is not a strong enough word for what is happening to our nation – a nation whose founding documents were drafted in order to prevent this terror from ever occurring.

To protect life itself.

But what Warren doesn’t seem to accept in her quest to make murdering the unborn a social norm in America is that the majority of Americans are opposed to her radical ideology.

She has claimed on the campaign trail that three-quarters of Americans support abortion.  She is mistaken.

According to Life News, a Gallop Poll conducted in 2019 found that more than 60 percent of Americans are pro-life.  A You Gov/Americans United for Life poll recently found that 75 percent of Americans are opposed to late-term abortion.  

Multiple other polls conducted in the past year have all reported that the majority of Americans want abortion restricted or prohibited.

In her quest to make abortion unrestricted, legal, and free for all, Warren votes every time against protecting innocent life – and votes for ways to allow the slaughter to continue unchecked.

She has stated that if she wins the presidency, she will work to repeal the Hyde Amendment that prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions through Medicaid.

In fact, she wants all low-income women to have free and unlimited access to abortion – and she is proud to have the backing of abortion giants like Planned Parenthood.

Warren is not alone in her radical, anti-life beliefs – but her quest to become the first female President in U.S. history makes it even more of a slap in the face to the American women who value life – wives and mothers who believe in the sanctity of the family unit.

Our Declaration of Independence states that life is an unalienable right – defined as a right that is impossible to take away.  

But Warren and her ilk think they are above the law, the Constitution, our founding values, and God Himself.

Our nation has been in a downward spiral as the progressive left has found ways to bully and threaten their way into power.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and defend the most vulnerable in our society.  We will not be silenced when we speak for them.

And we must prevent Elizabeth Warren’s chilling words from becoming any more true.  

Abortion should never be “what we do as a country.”

A legacy of murdering the innocent is something no nation should strive for.