At All Cost, Avoid Allowing Your Child To Use This One Short Phrase

Moms, you have the power to make or break your child’s self-esteem.

No pressure, right?

You see, as children are learning new skills, they often become frustrated if they can’t figure something out or don’t know the right way to accomplish a goal. But at all cost, you must avoid letting your child say this one phrase.

“I’m stupid.”

We all know calling a child stupid or insulting their intellect will damage their self-esteem and ability to perform.

But studies now show that negative self-talk can be just as damaging to a child’s psyche.

And if you think a negative self-esteem won’t hurt your child, studies show just how damaging the impact can be.

But with that being said, parents are advised to avoid overinflating a child’s ego – meaning praising them for every task and leading them to think they can do no wrong.

This can have the opposite effect and children will be shocked once they enter the real world, and learn they are not the star.

Consumer Affairs reported:

Expressing fondness and affection, on the other hand, can raise self-esteem by teaching children to see themselves as worthy individuals — not better or worse than anyone else.”

So what’s a mom to do?

How can moms encourage their children, without overinflating their ego, while teaching them personal responsibility?

The key is to strike the balance between negative self-talk, and false praise.

Happy You Happy Family provided this tip for moms:

“A while ago, I stumbled on one word that helps me catch myself in that moment so I can empathize with my child and help her move forward in a positive way:

 When your child says, “I’m no good at this” or “I can’t do it,”

 You say, “…yet.”

 Adding this one word builds your child’s confidence by giving her a vision of her future where she does “get” it. She’ll make choices that will help her live up to that new “truth.”

 Which means this little word is important for your child to hear, but it’s just as important for you.”

By using the word “yet”, you can teach your child to be patient as they learn new skills.

Instead of taking over and doing the work for them, or allowing them to wallow in self-pity, you’ve now flipped the switch to activate the critical thinking portion of their brain.

So moms, use your power to empower your children.

If they become discouraged, remind them of their abilities and encourage them to persevere.

You will be sowing the seeds of building confident and able adults who will turn to solution- oriented methods, instead of giving up and becoming discouraged.

What are some phrases you use to encourage your child?

Do you agree negative self-talk can destroy a child?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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