Babies With Autism May Be Sentenced To Die With A Single Test

Pro-abort advocates are rejoicing at the latest “medical” breakthrough.

You see, they look for every chance they get to celebrate another test which can be used to abort innocent babies.

And this latest test might be the final bullet placed in their gun to terminate unborn babies who have autism.

Doctors are known for convincing pregnant mothers to abort their children if they are going to be born with an intellectual disability such as Down syndrome or autism.

These “doctors” stress how hard it will be on the parent, and it would be better to try again for a “healthy baby.”

It’s happening all over the world, and abortions of babies with special needs are increasing by the day.

And now, LabCorp just announced they have a new patent which can diagnose autism.

Pro-aborts are cheering at the latest discovery, but the rest of Americans are worried, knowing this is yet another avenue to use to pressure pregnant women to get an abortion.

Live Action reported:

“Far from embracing the news, many in the autism community seem to fear what this might mean for children like theirs. Lauren Pope’s son Holden is autistic, and she spoke fiercely about the news:

This has been something we all knew was coming, but now that it’s here it could mean the absolute end to any future autistic individuals.

Those remaining will face increased discrimination and their parents will be ostracized for “knowingly” “causing suffering.”

The public perception of autism is so intensely negative that the push for abortion will be staggering within the medical community and socially.

Let me be clear about something right now. Autism is a human variance. It is not a disease.

There have been autistic humans for all time. Some of these people are the people who have lifted society through their single minded love for science or art or literature.

The social impairments between autistics and the neurotypical world go both ways, with average NT making not even the slightest effort to understand the autistic. Autistic people are already very likely to die by suicide. Why? Because they are constantly told that their life is burdensome and they do not fit in.

So yes, while a test itself may be morally neutral, I can not take this as academic. Real people will die. Real people will suffer. And it will all be cheered as progress.

Some argue it’s important for mothers to know if their child will have a disability. But the problem with this test is, it’s being used as a weapon to target children with autism.

LifeSite News continued:

“In some instances, prenatal testing can, of course, be beneficial; with Down syndrome, for example, knowing in advance can have medical benefits. But is that the case for autistic preborn babies?

 According to Pope, no. “There are some conditions that can be comorbid with autism that require medical care, but those comorbidities are already caught without needing to know about the autism,” she explained.”

Instead of looking for ways to save lives, these “doctors” in the medical community are determined to find ways to kill them.

Sure, raising a child with an intellectual disability has its challenges, but abortion is not the answer.

This obsession with having the “perfect child” is causing innocent babies to die behind the hands of an eager abortionist each day.

What are your thoughts on having babies screened for autism in the womb?

Do you think babies with intellectual disabilities should be sentenced to die?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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