Biden Refused Communion Because Of His Anti-Biblical Position

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For politicians, going to a religious event is pre-meditated and often has more than one motive.

And houses of worship take this in stride because they want to show love to everyone while supporting our leaders in government.

But it is a priest’s duty to uphold the Scriptures- even if that means turning away affluent members of society- to Biden’s dismay.

It is no secret that the Democratic Party has long been pushing to give women access to kill their unborn children at will.

On the party platform of the leftist gang it states, “every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.”

Joe Biden used to be considered a moderate Democrat, staying safely within party lines but not going extreme with crippling progressive ideals.

Emphasis is on “used to be” here.

In order to stay a member of the liberal club, Biden was forced to pledge his allegiance to their heinous ways.

This has led him to call for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, as the Daily Wire reports, which stops the tax-payer’s hard earned money from being spent on a woman murdering her child.

Standing as a party proxy, he has also made the frightening choice to make Kamala Harris his choice for Vice President.

Joe Biden claims to be Catholic, but has not demonstrated views that line up with the Catechism of the Catholic Church – or even close to it for that matter.

President Trump pointed this out during an interview with Fox New’s correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera.

When discussing his favor with Texans compared to Biden, Trump says his running mate is opposed to principles they find valuable.

President Trump says:

Biden is against all of those things. He’s against oil. He’s against the Bible, essentially against religion. But against the Bible and he’s against the Second Amendment.”

He’s not wrong.

Last year, a Catholic priest in South Carolina chose to enforce the “church’s code of canon law by denying the former vice president the sacrament of Holy Communion due to his stance on abortion,” reports The Daily Wire.

The priest was trying to prevent Biden from committing the sin of sacrilege.

According to Catholic belief, abortion is an unforgivable sin and supporting it goes against the core of the religion.

We have seen liberals stand on their soapbox and twist the Word of God for their agenda, and it’s sickening.

It is nice to see that someone was willing to stand up for all the unborn children lost at the hands of politicians looking to get a vote.

Biden may claim to be on the side of the Bible, but actions speak louder than words.


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