Big Tech’s Double-Standard – When Will They Be Held Accountable?


Progressives are in an uproar as state after state begins to pass laws protecting the unborn.

In fact, the state of Alabama just made history by passing the most restrictive abortion legislation since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down.

But it was in response to this historic moment that the left has shown their true colors and proven to America just how hypocritical and hateful they are.

Radical leftists always seem to make the excuse that they’re trying to protect women’s “rights” by slaughtering unborn children.

Last October, a young woman was violently attacked at a peaceful pro-life rally in Toronto, showing us that concern for women has nothing to do with their agenda.

Jordan Hunt was arrested on eight counts of assault and seven counts of criminal mischief for harassing pro-lifers at the rally.

His actions included vandalizing pro-life signs and the clothing of the peaceful protesters – including that of a young girl — but most heinous was delivering a round-house kick to the rally leader, Marie Bissonnette.

Bissonnette was kicked in the shoulder – barely missing her head.  When she shouted for someone to call the police, Hunt ripped the pro-life ribbon from her jacket and fled the scene.

Bissonnette was not seriously injured, although she very well could have been.  Hunt claimed he was just trying to kick her phone out of her hand because she was filming the rally, but it was a very close call.

This was not Hunt’s first run-in with the law – especially his harassment of pro-lifers.  Two months before, he was accused of vandalizing signs at another rally, this time pushing a woman into a pole when she tried to stop him.

So why is this violent attack back in the news?

Well, it’s a symbol of a widespread issue in our nation and other countries today.

When the state of Alabama passed sweeping bans on abortion recently, a Twitter user named @cheleblush reposted the video of Hunt assaulting Bissonnette with the message, “I still stand by this king” in reference to Hunt.

As pro-lifers continue to stand peacefully, often silently praying for the lives of the unborn, they continue to be faced with attacks.  Hundreds of people like Jordan Hunt have shouted obscenities, destroyed signs, pushed, shoved, and otherwise harassed pro-lifers.

Left-wing social media giants like Facebook and Twitter continue to censor and remove conservative speech and block conservative organizations from their platforms.

So what did Twitter do when @cheleblush posted the horrific video calling Hunt a “king?”


The tweet received 50,000 likes from progressive radicals who thought Hunt was a hero for attacking an innocent woman – and Twitter allowed the post to stay up.

Facebook and Twitter repeatedly fall back on their excuses for removing conservative posts because they “violate their community standards.”  Their standards, however, seem to be that all progressive speech is acceptable, and the rest of us are bigots spewing “hate” speech.   

While the First Amendment protects freedom of speech for all Americans, big tech and companies in the back pocket of the left think it only applies to them.

How can it be that Twitter and other social media platforms think that it’s acceptable to allow a post exhibiting violence against women when their claims about abortion is that it protects women’s “rights?”

The standards must be equal for all, but these tech giants are never held accountable.

Violence and threats are the left’s modus operandi; the threats and scare tactics they spew keep anyone from disagreeing.

As Americans are seeing with sweeping pro-life laws all over the nation, the majority is saying “enough is enough.”

Enough of the left getting away with whatever they want – enough of the murder of the unborn being a “right.”

As for Hunt, he is awaiting sentencing, has lost his job, and has suspended his social media accounts.  Bissonnette has decided to press charges, but says she still prays for him.

Mommy Underground will keep you updated on any developments in this story.

What do you think of the double-standard exhibited by Twitter in this situation?  What do you think Americans can do to hold these companies accountable for their bias?  Leave us your comments.

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