By Doing One Simple Thing, You Can Change Your Baby’s DNA

When moms give birth to a baby, the doctor places the baby into the arms of the mother.

Skin to skin contact. The feeling of holding another life, so innocent and fragile. Most moms and babies instantly bond.

But studies now show holding your baby can have a deep impact which can change the future of their life forever, down to the molecular level.

And if you continue to hold and snuggle with your baby, you can literally alter their DNA.


But it’s true, by simply picking up your baby and providing physical touch, you are influencing their cells.

Scary Mommy reported:

“A new study coming out of the University of British Columbia shows that how often a child is touched can leave lasting, measurable effects.

We are talking at a molecular level.

To produce this data, scientists at the University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute followed about 100 infants over the course of four years.

 Parents were asked to keep a journal following their children’s behavior (eating, sleeping, crying, etc.), and then they were asked to detail how often they provided care that included physical touch.

 When the children were four years old, scientists swabbed the inside of their cheeks, collecting DNA.

 These samples were then compared to determine the differences between children who were held often and those who were not.

 According to the press release, the team examined a biochemical modification called DNA methylation, which affects how the cells function and mature.

 What they found was significant.

 The children who received less physical touch had a lower “epigenetic age”–less molecular maturation–than would be expected for their age.

Such a discrepancy has been linked to poor health and negative growth patterns in children.

 With this data, an easy correlation was made: Children who are touched less have negative health implications on a cellular level.

 Lead author Sarah Moore said that “If further research confirms this initial finding, it will underscore the importance of providing physical contact, especially for distressed infants.”

While this study is groundbreaking, it proves what moms knew all along.

Moms know their babies need physical touch.

In fact, a mother has an innate desire to hold her baby and provide comfort, especially when they are in distress.

Old studies have been disproven that encouraged moms to “let their babies cry” to “toughen them up.”

The research now shows the opposite is true; babies who are touched less have poor health and growth patterns down to the cellular level.

So moms, snuggle up with your baby tonight!

Hold them close, and know you are impacting their health all the way down to the cellular level.

Were you surprised to learn that holding a baby can change their DNA?

What’s your favorite part about starting a new year?

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