Calm The Chaos With These 5 Tips For The Busy Mom

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


Being a mom is like working Black Friday everyday, but instead of being stampeded by a crowd of eager shoppers, it is by snack-devouring children.

Yes, I’m sure being a mom is more rewarding than passing out cheap tv’s, but you get the idea.

It may seem impossible to stay calm and collected during high energy days with unpredictable little humans, but with the right tools you can take all the spitballs thrown at you and enjoy the fleeting little moments we want more of.

There are some points in a day that seem to bring more trouble than others- meal time, trying to get out the door, or any transition at all for that matter.

Kids, especially little ones, go to drastic measures to maintain your undivided attention, even if it is negative attention.

So when you are trying to prepare dinner and one toddler screams at the top of their lungs while holding your leg like a spider monkey, and another decides to throw their dinosaur collection in the toilet- and retrieve them back- it is totally expected.

The make or break situation in this scenario is how well we are equipped to handle the excitement our children bring us, because getting kids to stop doing “kid things” is never the option.

Take in these five invaluable tips to transform your packed days into tranquil moments of beautiful motherhood- with the occasional high stakes adrenaline rush only kids can give you.


1. Get sleep

Everything is more difficult when you are tired, and motherhood is no exception.

Getting enough zzz’s is not only vital for healthy bodily function, but it gives one the mental capacity to take the day in stride.

Christine keys of the Motherhood blog attests that when she doesn’t get enough rest things can become contentious:

When I’m sleep deprived, my ability to control my emotions and actions is definitely not as good as when I’m well rested.”

Sleeping through the night is not always in our control (i.e. teething baby), but choosing sleep over other late night activities such as scrolling through Pinterest for an hour will surely pay off.


2. Be the first to rise

Getting up early before the children seems daunting, as Mommy Underground has previously reported, but it has its benefits.

Being able to collect your thoughts and dive into any personal ventures you had for the day can make the rest of the day seem less chaotic.

Not being rushed and stressed by beginning the day at 100 mph can keep your nerves calm- at least until the next your son decided to use the hedge trimmers to spruce up the bushes around his tree house.


3. Set aside time for yourself

Losing your identity in the demands of motherhood is one of the biggest personal struggles of raising children.

While taking pride and joy out of being there for our children is admirable, it is okay to take time to find peace outside the noise of squealing babes.

This doesn’t have to be a long commitment, just enough time to regroup and do something you enjoy.

Meditating is a great way to take your mind off of the tasks at hand and think beyond the next meal plan, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Or maybe you want to paint your toenails with the bathroom door locked while your kids watch Paw Patrol for a few minutes.

Either way, don’t brush off personal moments, because they can help you be the best mom you can be, and our children deserve at least that much.


4. Think ahead

When do you have the most difficulty in the day?

Is it preparing meals, getting ready for school, or cleaning up?

Try to prepare ahead of time for these stressful moments to make the day feel more manageable.

Have packets for the kids to look through while you make dinner, full of coloring pages, stickers, silly eyes and a glue stick.

Kids love anything new, or anything they can use a glue stick on so you should be golden.

If getting ready for the day is pure chaos start helping your kids lay their clothes out the night before, and have a checklist available for them to maintain hygiene.

Cleaning is tough for all moms, but assigning each child a task during hourly clean up sessions will help it fly by, and give the time purpose and direction.


5. Free your home of clutter

This is easier said than done- which is why decluttering guru Marie Kondo has been sensationalized in our nation.

The fact of the matter is, our environment is going to affect our mental state.

Having an area free of piles of paper we don’t know what to do with and disorganized utensil drawers will help calm the chaos more than you realize.

Start small, committing to one area or item at a time, working up to a home free of unnecessary distractions.

Whichever step you begin at, you will undoubtedly feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders as the privileged journey of motherhood becomes more joy than strain.

We are all going to lose our cool sometimes, but let’s save those moments for when your son loses the lizard in the living room, not all the fun times in between.