Celebrating Mother’s Day During A Pandemic Is Possible

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


With Mother’s Day around the corner you may be stressing on how to show her you care while still maintains social distancing guidelines.

While you may not be able to scoop mom up for a night out at her favorite restaurant and a play, you can get creative with gifts from the heart that don’t involve risking her health or catching an impossible flight.

Use one of these fun and inventive ideas to make a positive memory during these tough times.


1. Send her favorite meal

Do you cook a curry dish your mom requests every time she is over, or macaroons that are a favorite afternoon treat?

Package up a culinary masterpiece for mom to unveil at the dinner table, bringing a smile to her face and her belly.

If cooking is more her thing because you burn more than you bake, no problem.

Have a nice restaurant deliver take-out to her doorstep. Many restaurants are even offering options that would avoid any physical contact to decrease the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

And don’t forget to add a personalized message to your food drop-off to let her know how much you are missing her.


2. Create a video showing how much you appreciate her

During shelter-in-place policies many people have had a lot more time to think about those they love as the heart grows fonder in separation.

Make a list of several things you are thankful to your mother for, such as parenting examples, life lessons, thoughtful gestures, and how she is there for you.

Then record a video of you telling mom the points on your list. Have the grandchildren get involved if you can, having them say their own personal point of gratitude.

You will undoubtedly bring a tear to her eye as she feels the warmth and love of your affection and appreciation for her.


3. Send a homemade gift

The days of macaroni necklaces are behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get crafty with a gift for Mother’s Day.

Every woman loves a good, natural beauty or hygiene product, and it’s something one can always use.

Mommy Underground has great homemade recipes to create your own body wash or shampoo using ingredients you have around the house, as previously reported.

Use recycled jars, flowers, and ribbon to give your gift a chic look and drop it in the mail for a Mother’s Day surprise that will be talked about for years to come.

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4. Mother’s Day parade

If your mother lives close enough, give her a surprise Mother’s Day parade in front of her home on a designated day and time.

Have the kids draw up posters with personalized messages on them about mom, and attach balloons to ribbon and around the car for a festive look.

To add an extra bit of flare, have the kids dress up in bright clothes, hats, and sunglasses while letting streamers fly around the open windows.

Don’t forget to encourage everyone to hoot and holler about how amazing mom or grandma is to let her- and the whole block- know you love her.

The coronavirus has caused plans to shift, which can be disappointing. But it can keep morale up by continuing to use creative ways to show friends, family, and the community you are thinking of them.

This Mother’s Day can still be epic with a little effort and a lot of love.