Chelsea Clinton Made An Absurd Claim That Backfired In A Big Way

Like mother, like daughter — Chelsea Clinton has again made it her mission to build a career on blaming Republicans for all the ills of the world.

Clinton has tried to become a social justice warrior in recent months, taking to Twitter to complain about the policies of the Trump administration.

Clinton recently tweeted a message to criticize the administration’s plans to overhaul many nutritional requirements of lunches provided in our children’s public schools.

But this time, in her effort to blame the current administration, Clinton actually ended up bashing Michelle Obama.

While First Lady, Obama made it her mission to overhaul the public-school lunch system in order to create healthier options and smaller portions.

But there is only one problem with that — the students themselves won’t eat the meals.

Clinton’s attempt to criticize Republicans for starving schoolchildren blew up in her face when parents and students alike fired back to blame Michelle Obama’s changes for the reason kids are not eating at school.

The Blaze reported:

“Research again confirms kids pay more attention in class & better retain what they’re taught when they’re not hungry,” Clinton wrote.

“Sadly, many Republicans continue to argue against free school lunches & breakfasts & against nutritional support for families,” Clinton wrote.

Though she was obviously trying to bash Republicans, Clinton ended up bashing Michelle Obama. That’s because while her husband was president, Obama worked to completely overhaul the national school lunch program while expanding the free and reduced lunch program.

Indeed, the Obama administration was successful in overhauling the program. However, the changes they implemented were not popular and students across the country for years have taken to social media to post the unappetizing and small lunches they now receive at school all thanks to the changes Obama made.

Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, announced changes would soon be made to school lunch programs implemented by Obama.

USA Today reported:

On May 1, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the changes, which ease rules on whole grains required in school lunch meals and delay a requirement for further reductions in sodium.

Perdue said the changes were needed to give local programs more flexibility to provide meals that children want to eat.

“If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition,” he said in a statement announcing the rollbacks.

Parents and students alike have complained for years that lunch portions were too small, flavorless, and ended up in the trash.

Michelle Obama’s effort to get kids to eat at school backfired in a big way.

And Chelsea Clinton’s tweet added fuel to the fire when she complained children are not learning because they are hungry at school.

They are hungry because they don’t like the Obama administration’s lunch options.

Perhaps Chelsea Clinton should fact-check herself before blaming Republicans for ineffective policies implemented by her own party.




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  1. We had a pig farmer who would go to the schools in the area , pick up thousands of pounds of thrown away school lunches to feed his pigs. No one would eat Michele Obama’s crap .

    • Did the pigs starve? At least Obama’s food choices were fit for pigs. Bacon! Yum!!

    • Martin Fee says:

      From what my kids have said, im surprised the pigs ate it.

    • And I read elsewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that the school board found out about the farmer buying the food and made the school and farmer stop this practice. Apparently, the dems feel it is better to waste it.

    • Macy's Mom says:

      This was NOT crap, you stupid idiot. If you feed your children “crap” they will only eat your stupid crap. And guess what, this is the first generation of children who will not outlive their parents because of the “crap” that they eat. In our house when I was growing up if we did not eat what was served we did not eat. And guess what, when we realized that the food that our mother was giving to us was healthy YES, we ate it with gusto. We do NOT allow our children to go to fast food places to eat the “crap” that you eat and our children are very healthy. Not eating crap allowed each one of our four children to receive certificates at the end of the school year for perfect attendance. None of them even had colds although many of their school mates in their classes ate “crap” and had colds. And if you look at the Obama family, none of them are fat, and YES, THAT IS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT EAT CRAP LIKE YOU.

      • The Obama children went to a very expensive private school, they were not served the crap the children in the PUBLIC schools are being served. The Obama children also had CHEFS at the White House.

      • Elizabeth Davis says:

        None of them are Fat? Take another look . I agree with you on junk food but give them something they will eat or they will go hungry and I am against all this free stuff. The schools themselves will know if someone needs a free lunch. I grew up in a time when you ate what was put before you but it was not with out taste. We ate a lot of beans corn bread one slice of meat and always a peanut butter cookie and I am still alive after 78 years. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. If they are not taught at home about a good nutritional meal then they will refuse it at school.

      • You really were very rude to rayco, his comment was not an attack on you. I didn’t see where he posted what he eats so one really does know if it’s crap. I applaud you for raising healthy children but, you are not in the majority. Have you eaten for a week in a public school cafeteria? You might try it to see for yourself what the students are being served and what is actually being eaten. Most of the food is left on their trays and thrown away, and you should see how much food didn’t get served that the cafeteria throws out after every meal. I taught for 24 years in an elementary school and saw that once the food changed, so did the eating of lunch. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that we are throwing money away and the kids are still HUNGRY. Instead of pouring money into something that is going in the trash and benefiting very few, we should look at improving these lunches so the students eat.

    • Recycling at its finest.

  2. My niece goes to a grammar school in a wealthy neighborhood. The kids there refuse to even look at the crap that is called the school lunch. In fact they can’t stand to even look at it. We’d like to take these crappy school lunches and throw them in Michelle Obama’s face. Maybe we should force feed her to eat it. Everything Obamas touched is a failure.

  3. So children learn better when they aren’t hungry. What a fucken revelation. I guess if you’re a democrat this is real news. Hey Chelsea kids learn better if they’re breathing, don’t you think?

  4. Chelsea ought to go to the schools and have lunch there herself. Of course her children go to private schools so probably have their own chef.

  5. I saw a picture of their (Michele lunch) and was surprised that anything could eat it, it was bad, ugly and looked very unhealthy. It had on;y three items and I saw no vegetables. We were not allowed sodas or candy.
    We had milk and orange juice or water if you preferred. I am from the old school and we had, hot large portions of real food. They were delicious and and met pyramid standards!

  6. travis690 says:

    Lack of sodium and excess reliance upon grains is less healthy for most bodies than the Obama regime was willing to admit. Sugar is more harmful to the body than salt is. And sitting in a classroom all day is not getting much in the way of physical exercise.

    This country never had more people living as diabetics than currently. Diabetes is not caused by salt; it is caused by both excess sugar and low exercise. We are cutting fat out of diets, yet dietary fat does not, by itself, cause body fat. Fat is the first thing consumed by the body’s metabolic process when energy is needed, while sugar is the last thing metabolized into energy.

    Besides lack of taste, this is why the Obama diet is a disaster.

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      One side of the medical system is now says do not take away all the salt . That is not healthy. I was taught to salt normally and never to use a salt shaker at the table

    • thekidde says:

      Diabetes is not caused by excess sugar. Fat is not the first thing metabolized, sugar is. Are you an idiot? Do you give a diabetic a burger or a candy bar when suffering low blood sugar? You are dangerously ignorant.

  7. Been there Seen it says:

    I worked 2 different school systems for a total of over 23 years. Lunches and even breakfasts were a exercise in collecting and throwing out 70 to 80% of the crap they were served. Most kids took the milk or chocolate milk and threw the rest away. Even the fruit like bananas, oranges and apples where thrown out by the children. Standard Federal Govt. rules dictated that once dispensed, no food could be given away or re-used to help after school programs. That included Milk and any Juices dispensed. The waste was unreal and knowing my Tax dollars helped pay for the landfill to be filled up burned my butt as well as all the other employees there. It was bad until along came Mooshell and the waste tripled as almost everything went from the serving line to the garbage can. What a crime Obummas were…. they should be ashamed of themselves and those pigs Clintons… I don’t care what party they call themselves a piece of scum is a piece of scum just seems we have been beaten down so long by self gratifying opportunist politicians looking to make a name in history for themselves at least Trump has the cajones to step out of the box and speak his mind publicly. God Bless President Trump and his family ….

    • thekidde says:

      Were there no teachers present in all these examples of waste? Having eaten in many school cafeterias including

      college, I saw little if any waste. Perhaps it is the right wing “aren’t we special” mantra that’s keeping the little buggers from eating regular people food.

  8. The really sad thing is that Obama’s kids go to a private school where they would NEVER think of serving the kind of meals Michelle says other school children should eat. What a hypocrite!

    • mpdMD1965 says:

      hypocrisy is a dumbocrap prerequisite.

      • In the midst of the “Debate” or should I say Our re-education by this wise woman from the Murder Capitol of America, I laughed out loud when the Obama’s Super Bowl menu was released,, just checked the old Google to make sure my memory served me as well as the first family served their friends. Every year of his presidency the Obamas served a variety of junk food delights at their party, the theme rotated to reflect the State or City of the teams.

  9. mpdMD1965 says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a self absorbed braindead media darling whose claim to fame is her espousal of Dimbocrap( aka democrat) mantra.
    Like her mother and father she has decided the country is hers to lead. Fortunately she is in the minority and I suggest she return to being a mommy and leave our country’s affairs to other than another democracy annhilating dimbocrap.

  10. gwedem5995 says:

    I would love it if Chelsea would spend a whole year just eating what Obama was dishing out and than I would love to see her post. I volunteered at a school for many years and even the free breakfasts were thrown away in big numbers. And I want to say I never ate breakfast and I was on the Natl Honor Society.

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