Child Predator Sting Snags 3 Disney World Employees Among Others 

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Law enforcement has been working tirelessly to bring down the massive attacks against our children, despite being rallied against by nonsensical liberals.

Another successful operation has taken down some of our nation’s sickest and most perverse criminals, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

But you won’t believe who was among the criminal roundup!

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

An undercover sting operation targeting child sex predators turned up 17 arrests in Central Florida, including 3 employees of Orlando’s Walt Disney World.”


These were people who spent their entire day around hordes of children and families who come to experience one of the most-beloved cartoon franchises in the world!

Polk County Sheriff’s Office conducted “Operation Child Protector,” a six-day sting where several agencies worked together to get some of the most detestable criminals off the streets.

All the perpetrators arrested attempted to arrange “sexual encounters” with whom they believed to be children, Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement.

However, the child offenders were in for a big surprise!

What they didn’t know was that instead of an innocent child, there was an undercover law enforcement officer waiting to arrest them for their crimes.

Judd shared the same disgust for these child offenders that most of us feel:

These are nasty, nasty, nasty people, and when we go through this, understand that obviously, we can’t even use the words they used. We obviously can’t show you the pictures and the video clips that they sent to what they thought were 13-year-old little girls and little boys.”

What’s even worse is that two of the individuals arrested were actually a couple, Savannah and Jonathan McGrew, who worked at Disney World together and tried to contact a 13-year-old girl for sexual fantasy play.

How disgusting!

The third Disney World employee, Kenneth Javier Aquino, worked as a lifeguard at the Disney Animal Kingdom, spending his workdays around children in bathing suits.

Aquino was caught in his Disney uniform by an undercover law enforcement officer while trying to meet a child for a sexual encounter.

Receiving the news of the despicable acts at the Aquino home was his pregnant girlfriend.

It is nearly impossible sometimes to tell if an individual has horrifying secrets like unhealthy thoughts towards children.

With Aquino for example, he was a Navy veteran “working toward a dive team or a SEAL team or some kind of special ops job,” reports Elizabeth Johnston.

They did a background check on him and found he had friends or affiliates that were gang members, and they tossed him.”

Yet, Disney WAS willing to hire him with gang affiliates so their standards are highly questionable.

The sting saved more than just children’s innocence – one of the arrested individuals was HIV positive and trying to meet whom he thought was an underage girl.

There is an epidemic in our nation – and around the world – of sexual predators and children being exposed to inappropriate content like pornography and sexual information at an early age.

Sadly, much of the inappropriate content children are exposed to is right inside the classroom and paid for with our tax-payer dollars.

We must take action and protect our children by monitoring their online activity, shielding them from inappropriate “sex-ed” programs, and talking with them about gaurding themselves against predators.

This sting operation shows the public that no place is safe from sexual offenders – even Disney World.



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