City Hall Approves Sexual Exploitation Of Children

The attack on innocent children continues, but this time, it’s even worse than before.

In fact, this latest attempt to expose children to a dark world even put them in danger of full-on sexual assault.

While the children are safe for now, they just narrowly dodged a bullet.

A full on co-ed nudist pool party with both adults and children was approved and set to take place.

Unbelievable, right?

And the perpetrators, who planned the entire event, were close to actually pulling it off.

Thankfully, conservatives stood up and said NO, in the thousands, and the party was canceled at the last minute.

LifeSite News reported:

“Calgary Nude Recreation rented the Southland Leisure Centre for a private after-hours “Naked Water Slides and Wave Pool” event on January 14.

 CBC reported on the event January 5, noting the nudist group says on its Meetup page it welcomes children at its events.

 “This group is family oriented and kid friendly and open to people of all ages, body types, all genders, sexual orientations, and anyone else in between,” the group states.

 The subsequently excoriated the club for encouraging children to attend, and Calgary city hall for renting out the facility and providing staff to run the leisure center during the after-hours event.

 And Canadian April Parker launched a petition to have the event canceled or changed to include adults only.

 “Sexual predators will be on the prowl – having an event like that is just like Christmas to them,” Parker’s petition contended.

 “Children with previous sexual abuse traumas will be heavily effected [sic] if they attend the event” and there is an “extremely high chance of photos and videos being taken without consent, considered child pornography.”

To have a co-ed nudist party with children and adults is unconscionable.

Not only should children be shielded from seeing naked adults running around at a pool party, this opens up the can for sexual predators and pedophiles to prey on young children.

While City Council bowed in and finally canceled the party, it should have never been allowed to move forward to begin with.

We must remain vigilant to protect our children.

The radical leftist agenda is gunning for them, but they’ve got another thing coming if they think conservatives will allow these types of shenanigans to continue.

In fact, the party organizers are actually upset and threatening to sue because their party was canceled.

LifeSite News continued:

“Calgary Nude Recreation responded in a Facebook post that it was “outrageous that lawful recreation can be prohibited by an incredibly vocal minority” and that “canceling the event due to outside factors is a terrible precedent to set.”

 This is the mentality we are up against.

Threatening to sue, because children were saved from being exposed to sexual predators.

What are your thoughts on the group having a co-ed adult and children’s pool party?

Do you think City Council made the right decision to shut it down?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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