Clinton Family Member Is Another Skeleton In The Closet

The liberal media has been on a witch hunt against President Trump since his inauguration.

They have brought up every small piece of information about his family to use as fodder in their narrative to take the President down.

Son-in-law Jared Kushner, and more recently Donald Jr., have been living under a microscope of media scrutiny and fake news allegations.

But the real news continues to be the preferential treatment the media gives to the crooked Clinton family — including a family skeleton in the closet which received little media attention.

Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law and longtime Clinton family friend, is a former politician who spent five years in prison for his misdeeds.

But like all of their crimes, the liberal media has swept his story under the rug.

Politico reported:

Ed Mezvinsky, who had been a two-term Iowa congressman in the 1970s, relocated to Pennsylvania after marrying Marjorie and became chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. In 1992, Margolies-Mezvinsky ran for a House seat and won—only to lose it in the Republican sweep of 1994.

But a more shocking disappointment than an unsuccessful election was in store for Margolies-Mezvinsky. During the 1990s, she discovered that her husband was neck-deep in multiple fraudulent-investment adventures, swindling investors of $10 million. Among his victims was her own mother. Margolies-Mezvinsky herself went bankrupt and had to withdraw from a political race as a result of her husband’s misdeeds.

In March, 2001, Mezvinsky pleaded guilty to felony charges of bank, mail and wire fraud, and he spent five years in prison from 2003 to 2008.

And Mezvinsky would often use his friendship with the Clintons as a means to achieve his criminal ends.

Politico reports:

A federal prosecutor said in a 2007 interview that as Ed Mezvinsky swindled investors in the late 1990s, he sometimes used his association with the Clintons as a talking point.

When he thought it would help, he would call “investors” and say, “I’m spending the weekend with the Clintons,” Robert Zauzmer told the New York Times.

The grand jury indictment filed in 2001 is a bit more vague, but hints at similar conduct.  “Mezvinsky succeeded in defrauding others and gaining their confidence in part by stressing his lengthy experience in national and international affairs and his acquaintance with prominent political figures,” the indictment states.

And in typical Clinton fashion, once their daughter’s future father-in-law became a political liability, they turned their backs on him.

Mezvinsky appealed to Bill Clinton in his last days in office, pleading for a presidential pardon — but was ignored.

Even knowing they would be forever intertwined with the marriage of their children, the Clintons would not budge to help their former close friend.

Politico continued:

Extended family gatherings can’t be comfortable.  Not only did Mezvinsky use his friendship with the Clintons to give him credibility to convince his victims to invest their money with him, but when he was being prosecuted, he and his wife desperately turned to Bill and Hillary Clinton to bail him out of trouble — to no avail.

Chelsea Clinton will frequently try to discredit the Trump family, including daughter Ivanka with whom she had a long-standing friendship before the election.

But as it’s always been with the Clintons and the liberal media, once you are not useful to them, you are on the chopping block.

While the media continues to dig into President Trump’s family for any whiff of wrongdoing, the Clintons and their skeletons in the closet remain largely ignored.


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