Completely New Thanksgiving Activities To Wow The Kids

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Thanksgiving is a fun-filled day with more food than anyone can eat, family traditions, and gratitude.

It is the highlight of many parent’s day to see the children playing and sharing in the meal, but what happens when all the sugar from grandma’s pie smorgasbord causes the kids to get out of control?

Try one of these unique Thanksgiving Day activities to entertain the kids!

1. Paper Mayflower Ship

The little engineer is sure to love this constructive and useful activity of making a paper replica of the ship the Pilgrims came to America on in 1620.

Using origami instructions from Skip to my Lou, fold a ship out of fun patterned paper and decorate it with sails.

Use the ships later to fill with popcorn as you watch your traditional wind-down movie later that night.

2. Trivia

Nothing gets family closer than a little friendly competition, and trivia is a great way to get all involved.

There are several free printables online about Thanksgiving trivia but you could also make your own.

Use questions about history and tradition such as:

Which President made Thanksgiving a holiday?

How many feathers does a mature turkey have?

Which Indian tribe taught Pilgrims to cultivate the land?

3. Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

This cute activity is a great sensory activity and motor skills practice for kids of all ages.

Just get some orange, green and brown pipe cleaners and orange beads to start a crafting station you can all chat around.

String the beads on 5 orange pipe cleaners and attach at the top and bottom. Pull each pipe cleaner until it’s rounded making a pumpkin shape.

At the top of the pumpkin attach a green pipe cleaner in the shape of a leaf and a brown pipe cleaner you twist around a pencil as the festive stem.

4. Leaf Friends

Sometimes all kids need to get grounded is being in the great outdoors.

While it is likely to be chilly this Thanksgiving in most of the US you can get coats on and spend a few minutes outside having each child collect a few of their favorite leaves.

Ask each child why they like their chosen leaf and then have them show you their funniest face.

With some washable paints (white works well) have the kids paint a silly face on their leaf.

5. Bedazzled Gourds

For any child growing up in the 70’s through 80’s, the bedazzler was a coveted tool for adding jewels to any apparel or accessory.

Bring back a bit of nostalgia and some glam to Thanksgiving by having each child glue jewels on a small gourd or pumpkin.

This activity can even be done while you are cooking to keep little hands busy while simultaneously making some great décor items.

6. Thanksgiving Tree

It would be a shame not to mention the classic Thanksgiving tree to help the children focus on what really matters during this holiday.

Have each child draw a tree on construction paper and have pre-cut leaves they can write all the things they are grateful for before gluing them to the tree.

Sharing the trees at dinner will wow parents and friends alike.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving by using these activities to engage the children in the holiday, because we know it’s easy to get carried away in conversation with the aunt you never get to see.