Concerned Parents Confused About “Democracy” CNN Guest Says 

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Parents have had much to worry about in recent years regarding their children’s public education.

Between secret, inappropriate assignments and forced exposure to an aggressive LGBT agenda, it is no wonder conservative parents are speaking up about brainwashing in the classroom.

However, the liberal media loves portraying concerned parents as imbeciles for not just blindly entrusting their child’s education to the “professionals.” In fact, one leftist even claims these involved parents undermine democracy!

In Virginia, parents gathered at a school board meeting to express issues with the job performance of its members.

This is the correct forum to do so, and a core reason why these meetings exist.

If citizens are going to pay taxes to employ school board officials, and then entrust the oversight of their kids to these people, then they should most certainly be able to bring it to the public’s attention when job performance is falling short…or way off in left field (pun intended) for that matter.

Unfortunately, that’s not how Democrats view it.

During an interview on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Rachel Vindman tried to manipulate parents’ approach to the school board as being a “threat to the pillars of democracy itself,” reported The Daily Wire.

Somehow, while attending a local school board meeting to discuss education being an important part of the governors race, Vindman gathered that concerned parents are akin to domestic terrorists.

Of course, Lemon, a staunch, illogical Democrat, agreed and supported these preposterous allegations with neither explaining their position.

You may recognize the name Vindman because Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a key witness in Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial.

So, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that evidence and ethics isn’t at the top of the list of importance.

Rachel Vindman berated a mother who had to get clever with her approach because the school board wouldn’t allow anyone to address “critical race theory” during meetings.

Cleverly, the mother signed up to talk about salaries and then stated the school shouldn’t be getting theirs because they are “not doing their job,” Vindman recollected during the interview.

Vindman felt the parents were dictating that the school board must do what the parents want or not get paid – to which Vindman’s response was, “That’s just not how things work in a democracy.”

The pseudo politician did not explain or elaborate on how taxation without representation interferes with democracy.

Video of the full school board meeting is online and you can see the mother calmly explaining that the school is measuring short.

The concerned mother plainly states:

“Your job is to provide an excellent education for our kids, which a lot of us feel like is not happening. You’re too focused on setting the stage for highly controversial curriculum that’s rooted in Marxism called Critical Theory, which specifically teaches our children to judge others by the color of their [skin].”

She was not terrorizing anyone and was definitely not bringing down democracy in one fell swoop.

What she brought up is a problem in most public schools around the nation!

Over and over again we read about parents bringing attention to controversial and inappropriate material being presented to their children without parental knowledge let alone consent!

The only defense the left has to these honest and concerning revelations is to attack the person(s) and purport ridiculous allegations that have no merit.

But the truth will eventually ring louder than the media – and if conservative parents continue to make their voices and concerns heard, it may be sooner than later!