Creative Ways People Are Using Social Distancing To Stay Connected

Photo by Johen Redman on Unsplash


With the coronavirus sweeping the world, experts are recommending people practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups larger than 10.

And as a result, everyone is feeling the effect – from school cancelations to postponed weddings.

But keeping with the true spirit of human creativity, many people refuse to be discouraged and are brainstorming new ways to stay connected.

Here are just a few of the genius ways people are using this time to make life as normal as possible during this difficult season.


Balcony Workouts

Spain is one of the hardest hit countries due to coronavirus, and many people are trapped inside their homes.

One fitness instructor in Spain decided to hold a fitness class for his neighbors…

… and knowing they weren’t allowed to all join together physically– he actually led them from the roof of his apartment complex!

The neighbors simply gathered on their personal balconies and were able to join along for a series of healthy lunges, jumping jacks, and other exercises.

What a creative way to still get a “group workout” class in, even while in lockdown!


Distant Weddings

Some couples aren’t letting the coronavirus stop their wedding plans!

In Israel, one couple got married on a balcony, while a group of musicians played music from a nearby balcony, and friends and family looked on from a different balcony!

This kept the social distancing intact but still allowed this couple to exchange vows and demonstrate their love for one another amongst their loved ones.

Others are choosing small outdoor weddings with less than 10 people and taking advantage of being able to throw a small (nearly free) wedding celebration.


Digital Hang Outs

For friends who miss being together, many are gathering online for digital movie watch parties, Bible studies, or even just group video chats.

Many churches are streaming their services online, complete with daily prayer times for communities to gather online and pray together.

It can feel lonely being away from people, and while digital communication (even video) isn’t the same as being next to someone, it still helps people feel connected to one another.


Take Advantage

During these unprecedented times, it’s easy to become discouraged or sad at all the things you can’t do – but instead, focus on all the things you can do.

Make a healthy lunch from scratch, since you are working from home.

Spend more time with your children, and pour into their lives.

Clean out that one closet or basement closet you’ve never had time to get to.

Appreciate the fragility of life, and commit from this moment on to not take one more single second for granted.

No one knows how long this crisis will last, which is why more than ever we must remain positive and support one another through this.

The coronavirus may physically trap many people with a lockdown, but let’s commit to not let it break the human spirit.

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