Critical Life Skills Your Child Should Know Before High School

Parents have the incredible honor and responsibility in teaching their child skills needed to succeed in life.

From practical skills such as maintaining a household to cooking and everything in between – parents are the best teachers.

However, there is another set of life skills that’s often overlooked and arguably more important than ironing a shirt properly or learning how to steam vegetables.

But if you ensure your children know these critical skills before high school, they’ll be well on their way to growing into healthy adults. 

Be The Calmest Person In The Room

Teach your child the art of remaining calm in stressful situations.

Often when chaos or disorder arises – people freak out.

From panic attacks to becoming paralyzed in fear, many adults don’t even know how to handle a situation when something unexpected occurs.

So, teach your child how to take a deep breath and assess a situation clearly. 

Explain to them that by losing their cool, it makes a situation worse – but if they remain calm, they can make better decisions. 

You can even teach them problem solving skills – such as what to do if they see someone collapse on the sidewalk or how to appropriately respond to an angry person.

Teaching your child to regulate their emotions when problems are “small” will help better prepare them for the big problems. 

Accept Personal Responsibility 

Society is always quick to blame “someone else” for misfortune.  Whether it’s the government or our neighbor, it’s always easier to blame someone else.

Instead, teach your child when they are wrong to promptly admit it – and apologize.

By learning to take personal responsibility, your child will become empowered to know it’s okay to make mistakes in life, as long as one is willing to resolve the situation and work towards a solution.

And the first step to resolution is admitting when we’re wrong. 

The Art Of Writing A Thank You Letter

These days, kids are addicted to smart phones and tablets – I mean who actually writes letters these days?

Teach your child the art of writing a gracious thank you letter when they receive a gift. 

Not only are you teaching them to experience gratitude and be thankful for what they received, but you’re helping them practice good habits – while keeping their writing skills sharp!

And the recipient of the letter is bound to be touched by what is a dying tradition. 

Ways To Be Thrifty

Help your child spot a good bargain when they see it.  Instead of just buying everything you want, lead by example and demonstrate restraint by showing them sometimes we have to “wait” to get what we want.

You can also take them grocery shopping with you and show them how to compare prices (and when to buy generic vs. name brand) – and teach them to shop the perimeter of the store where all the healthy foods are.

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Teach them all about sales and coupons – and even ways to find things for free in local neighborhood groups. 

Show them how to repurpose an old-t-shirt or other items instead of just throwing things away.

By teaching your teen the value of money, they will learn to appreciate it and understand it doesn’t grow on trees.

The best way to teach your children life skills is to live them out in real life!  Children watch how parents act, and they often mimic adults even if we don’t realize it.

So, remember mom, you’re always “on”! 

What do you think is the most valuable life skill a child needs to know? Do you think teens are prepared for the real world?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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