Democrats Look To Dismantle The Constitution With This Bill

The founding fathers set up a democratic republic, which flies in the face of the modern liberal agenda.

Instead of adapting to the function of government that has prospered this nation since its inception, the left wants to experiment with ripping pages out of the book.

Their destructive policies are now moving on to the controversial debate of the Electoral College votes.

The small state of Connecticut has made a bold move to do away with their Electoral College votes in favor of the popular vote.

Yahoo News reported:

Connecticut’s legislature has passed a bill that would give the state’s Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote nationally.

The state Senate voted 21-14 on Saturday to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which includes 10 states and the District of Columbia. The state House passed the measure last week, 77 to 73.”

Joining the compact is saying that the states electors are forced to cast their ballot for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote in the nation.

Currently, constitutional law does not require the electors to cast their ballots for the state’s popular vote, but with whom they feel is more qualified to meet their state’s needs and America’s needs.

The Hill reported on why there is an Electoral College instead of just depending on the most popular candidate of the people in the state:

The Framers specifically designed the Electoral College to dilute democracy and favor the states. Democrats who disagree are at war with the federalism that the Framers hardwired throughout the Constitution itself.”

Framers are those men of the formative years of our country that helped shape the Constitution.

The Daily Wire goes on to explain the dangers in doing away with the process designed specifically for the preservation of a functional and cohesive government with the people:

The reason why the framers designed the Electoral College as such was to prevent tyranny of the majority—emphasizing that the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. The rights bestowed to the individual by God cannot be up for a majority vote.”

Many citizens don’t understand exactly what an Electoral College is, or what its purpose is.

Being uninformed has caused some Americans to say they are in favor of moving strictly to the popular vote for president without knowing the long term repercussions.

When voting for the president of the United States, Electors are voted in by the people to cast their ballots for president.

A state’s amount of Electoral College votes is based on how many members of Congress that state has, plus their two senators.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact can’t go into effect until states that represent at least 270 electoral votes’ signs it; that being the amount needed for a candidate to win the presidency.

Once Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut signs the compact, which he pledges to do according to Yahoo News, 172 electoral votes will be included.

The other states that have already signed the compact include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia.

It is not surprising the liberal states that have signed the compact. These states aren’t worried because they know their popular votes will be added to California’s always left leaning voting pattern.

Malloy believes the Electoral College voting system is “fundamentally unfair”, according to

Yahoo News.

This view stems from the idea that the individual should have the ultimate power, leaving out the republic portion of our government.

In order for each state to be considered equal members of the nation as a whole, the Electoral College must stay in place.

Mark Levin is a radio host and constitutional scholar, and during one of his shows highlighted on the Daily Wire he explained how we would have factionalism if we were to dismiss the process of validating a state’s position on the presidency.

On the presidential campaign trail there would be no need to visit any states with low population because their votes wouldn’t be enough in the popular vote count to truly affect the outcome.

You would see a huge shift in focus on California and the east coast, while the concerns of the mid-west were ignored for lack of votes.

Ending the Electoral College is only the beginning for the liberal agenda. Taking the power away from the states would be a step toward abolishing federalism.

Without the federal government getting in the way of the nefarious plans of progressives to label which lives are validated, establish limitless sexuality, and define what education should look like, they can rule the minds of our citizens.

The push for appealing the Electoral College was made when Trump took the victory with the Electoral College votes, and not by popular vote.

The left, and obviously Hillary herself, are still moping about their defeat and are trying to rig a system where they feel they will be unimpeded in future elections.

As legislation continues to be constructed to change our constitutional structure, we must stay vigilant to our fundamental beliefs and true to the rights bestowed by God not man.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of appealing the Electoral College, and what changes we may see soon.



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