Didn’t Think Liberal Media Could Get Any Worse? Think Again!

The liberal media continues to push the envelope on what is decent in today’s society, insisting that no subject is taboo, and no situation too impossible to believe.Those of us who wish to preserve traditional values are drowning under a stream of leftist propaganda at every turn.

With liberals demanding we accept the LGBT agenda of sexual experimentation and gender fluidity, a twisted interpretation of the Constitution, and an anything-goes mentality with no understanding of the consequences, it is hard to believe how far morality has fallen.

A recent story published in Cosmopolitan magazine is but the latest example, and in it, they attempt to normalize a shocking scenario – one that is not only immoral but illegal as well.

The story involves half-siblings, “Melissa” and “Brian,” who had never met until they were adults when it was discovered that they have the same father.  But what is beyond shocking is the pair has fallen in love and sees nothing wrong with it.

So Cosmo did what liberal media outlets do best; praised the couple’s courage and created a “fairy tale romance” around their story.

Independent Women’s Forum reported:

This is not the first time Cosmo published essays or articles that position stories of incest as fairytale love stories. In 2016, a woman talks about falling in love with her father for Cosmo UK and, a year prior, they published an interview with a girl was who lost her virginity and was engaged to her own father.

Social media is rightly pushing back on Cosmopolitan.  Even when two adults are okay with their incestuous relationship, their family members often are not okay including their own children. In the story of “Melissa” and “Brian,” her teenage kids had their life turned upside down. The family disruption is not ignorable.

Sadly, we are used to seeing the leftist media push their immorality on the nation.  And just when we think things cannot get any worse in the demoralization of the traditional family, Cosmo’s latest article pushes more boundaries to normalize what should be incomprehensible.

Cosmopolitan magazine reported on the story of the “couple,” brother and sister, and their “love story:”

Melissa drove two hours during a Monday night Midwestern snowfall to meet her brother. When she saw him standing in the frigid air outside his office building, she felt a connection that was instantaneous and electric.

“It was love at first sight, absolutely the craziest thing I have ever experienced,” Melissa says. “The sexual force was like I was levitating off the earth. Your body instantly craves the other person.”

As if this affair was not bad enough, both “Melissa” and “Brian” were married at the time their relationship began, and have since decided to divorce their spouses, break up their families, and marry each other.

While incest is illegal in all 50 states, some of these couples find loopholes.  In cases of closed adoptions or discrepancies or lack of information on birth certificates, the behavior can be hard to discover and prosecute.

While the Cosmo article is more than disturbing, the facts behind incestuous relationships in the U.S. are even more shocking.  There are many publicized stories in the media about consensual relationships between relatives, but the U.S. Justice Department also has alarming statistics on the victims of criminal incest:

Independent Women’s Forum shares the data:

  • About one-quarter (27%) of all sexual offenders were family members of their victims.
  • Almost half (49%) of the offenders of victims under age 6 were family members, compared with 42% of the offenders who sexually assaulted youth ages 6 through 11, and 24% of offenders who sexually assaulted juveniles ages 12 through 17.
  • Overall, just 12% of the offenders who sexually assaulted adults were family members of the victims, compared with 34% of the offenders of juvenile victims.

With reports of sexual assaults on the rise, it is even harder to stomach the repercussions for those sexually assaulted by a family member.  Incestuous abuse causes severe emotional trauma in its victims, causing lifelong damage. And whether consensual or criminal, children born of incest have a poor prognosis for quality of life.  Most are developmentally or physically delayed, or even die at a young age.

Instead of celebrating consensual relationships of incest as the next new trend of the liberal agenda to be pushed on the nation, Cosmo’s focus should have been on reporting the fact that this is a mental health disorder.

In fact, it has been researched and given the moniker “GSA” or Genetic Sexual Attraction.  Like any other mental illness, it can cause severe emotional trauma.  But in the Cosmo article, “Melissa” accepts that she has GSA, but then celebrates it as a part of who she is and nothing to be ashamed of when she acts on it.

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Researchers are also concerned for the future, not only in cases where these relationships are intentionally entered into but for families who may not have a complete family history.  With the rise in fertility treatments and artificial insemination, the effects could be catastrophic.

The Telegraph reported:

Perhaps one of the biggest causes for concern is egg and sperm donation. Over the last few decades, it has never been easier for organizations – and individuals – to dish out large quantities of eggs and sperm to different locations.

Should they never meet with their (unknown) biological family, then they will never put themselves at risk of experiencing GSA. But such reunions have become much easier – especially as new rules brought out by the HFEA mean that any child conceived on or after April 2005 can now seek information on their parents when they turn 16.

This will inevitably mean more children discovering their biological relatives in adulthood, with the potential for hundreds, if not thousands, more GSA cases.

It is shameful that any publication would embrace the mental illness of GSA as another platform to spread their liberal agenda.  The more these situations are normalized in the media, the further our traditional values fall prey, with conservatives labeled as “intolerant” or “out of touch.”

What are your thoughts on Cosmopolitan’s push to normalize this behavior, rather than clarify it as a mental health issue?  Do you think acceptance of GSA will be the next liberal cause?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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