Disgraceful Day For Humanity As Sex Workers Are Honored

Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the United States except for the infamous Nevada.

Somehow, this has not stopped the sex industry from booming. Every major city across the nation has some confrontation with individuals who look to sell their bodies for quick cash.

This sad and depraved occupation should have been eradicated, but instead is being celebrated and supported by people everywhere with a day that will shock you.

The Daily Wire reported:

On Saturday, strippers, prostitutes, and “allies,” hit the streets for the 43rd annual International Whores’ Day.

In cities such as Oakland, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, “sex workers” held demonstrations mainly to voice their opposition to the recently passed anti-sex-trafficking bill, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act, and to advocate for the decriminalization of prostitution.”

Strippers extended their support through activism, because they thought that in light of recent legislation their professions may be targeted as well.

California had one of the biggest turnouts for International Whores’ Day, where 300 prostitutes came together to “celebrate and promote the rights of sex workers”, according to Jezebel.

In a state where you are revered for doing something illegal if you feel it’s right, it’s not surprising that “sex workers” who feel their illegal acts deserve some kind of protection congregated in California.

Some of the signs held by activists read, “STIGMA KILLS,” “MY BODY, NOT YOUR CHOICE,” and “SEX WORK ≠ TRAFFICKING”, Jezebel reported.

The energy where the individuals were gathering was high. Individuals in the sex industry were glad to see others supporting their demoralizing professionals.

Some quotes from an attendee named Pele, who is a dominatrix, were reported by The Daily Wire. “This is more sex workers than I’ve ever seen in one place ever”, and “We’re out in the street and loud and proud—I’ve never seen this.” he said.

Forty-three years ago in France, women were said to be getting abused by police, so the Catholic Church stepped in and gave the women safe spaces.

That was the first official International Whores’ Day, and years later it has morphed into a despicable display of opposition to legislation created to protect children from becoming victims of sex trafficking, along with a celebration of acts that rip apart the fabric of families.

The legislation being protested is the Stop Enabling Online Sex Trafficking Act, which passed in the Senate with bipartisan support last Wednesday 97-2.

The law was motivated by a case involving the website Backpage.com, where ads were featuring underage girls, but they were not held liable because of existing legislation called Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Details in Section 230 offer a loophole that, “allows websites to avoid responsibility even as they knowingly facilitate trafficking”, according to The Daily Wire.

In other words, the new legislation closes this loophole, making the websites used in sex trafficking acts a responsible party in the crime.

The reason prostitutes aren’t happy about this bill moving forward is because they feel their business is going to be more dangerous and less successful if others can’t use the internet to procure their services.

This would happen if the websites used in these exchanges stopped allowing their site to be used in mediating sex acts; for fear that they will be prosecuted if foul play occurred.

Susan Molinari, vice president of public policy at the internet giant Google, claims that “it would be a disaster” if smaller companies stopped mediating sex trafficking, according to the Washington Post.

The new bill states that you are only liable if you “knowingly” allow sex-trafficking on your site, so the fear is that smaller companies will stop looking for improprieties so they can’t be sued.

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Supporters of the Stop Enabling Online Sex Trafficking Act are definitely the majority.

This bill is praised for being a huge step toward cracking down on crime, especially those involving children.

It also opens up the door for a bigger conversation on how the internet has been functioning above the limitations of Washington.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell speaks on how the law “would ensure any institutions that are party to this reprehensible practice are subject to the strict penalties they deserve.”

This bill has been inspiring with its support from both parties “at a time of horrible partisan rancor”, as said by Mark P. Lagon on CNN.

While International Whores’ Day is a step backward for humanity, the legislation protecting the rights of the victims of sex trafficking is a giant leap forward.

Hopefully we will see more legislation in the near future that puts an end to more of the dangerous acts that have been running rampant as a result of immorality flourishing in our culture.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the new bill, and the response of the sex workers.