Disgusting Show At Buffet Will Have Your Stomach Churning

All you can eat style restaurants are extremely popular in America, especially for those with large families.

The long lines of various cuisine under bright lights look so appetizing, it is easy to lose sight of the little things that can compromise food safety.

Some of the dangers are more obvious than others, like when you see someone putting their hands in the food..or worse!

Inside Edition reported:

“The man, who has not been identified, was caught on camera slurping four times from the dipper at a hot bar at a Mariano’s grocery store in Chicago, apparently sampling the soup.”

That’s right, you heard correctly. A man put his mouth on the dipper that everyone gets their soup from at a hot bar.

Unsurprisingly, the video another patron took went viral after it was first posted to Reddit, racking in over 1 million views.

The video shows the older gentleman putting the ladle to his mouth multiple times, with seemingly no qualms about it. As if, this is the only way to know which soup you may want to purchase.

Even scarier yet, the footage posted was the second attempt at sneaking food from the buffet, according to Fox News.

Don’t worry, the individual who was filming supposedly told security about the soup thief right after he was caught.

Let’s just hope that this was his first time trying this culinary adventure, although, he was sipping like someone who has dabbled in this illicit practice before.

Social media had a field day with this, with most users stating their utter disgust with the unsanitary practice, wanting to bid farewell to soup bars forever.

One Twitter user tried to make people aware of the unsanitary practices that go on at buffet’s by tweeting “Something to think about”.


Another user tweeted “Disgusting. Make him pay for the whole thing.”, echoing the sentiments of many viewers.


On a more facetious note, many Twitter users referenced the popular Seinfeld soup scene, which was more than appropriate.


We would like to think that this was a one time occurrence, and that all the times we ate at a buffet, it was far from this one offender.

However, that is not the case. To the dismay of readers everywhere, buffet’s can be a cesspool of harmful bacteria.

Is that unlimited bar of your favorite sushi worth it? Maybe, but keep an eye out for hygienic practices from employees and patrons alike.

Westchester County Health Department Assistant Commissioner Peter DeLucia was shown the disturbing video by Inside Edition.

He reacted to it by remarking, “That’s just disgusting. It can make people sick.”

DeLucia, no doubt feeling obliged to do so after seeing the video, told Inside Edition some of his most valued safety tips for eating at a buffet.

First things first, don’t ever use utensils that have dropped into the food containers on a food bar.

Inside Edition reported:

“Think about how many people are touching all of these handles,” said DeLucia. “And you know, they’ve touched their face, they’ve touched their mouth … you want to make sure you wash your hands.”

Stirring food is also recommended by DeLucia for all of us who seem to be unable to deny that delicious Lo Mein by the pound.

The temperature should be even throughout the food, “That way it’s heated correctly”, he said.

If you think about it too hard, you may never eat at a buffet again. Food Safety News points out that using food bar utensils is like shaking the hands of everyone in the restaurant..yuck!

There are regulations for the buffet food industry that aim to minimize contaminants.

However, the sheer masses of people, who may or may not wash their hands after using the bathroom, that walk through a restaurant in a given day make it impossible to be completely bacteria free.

Try to get to the restaurant an hour or so before popular times to get the new food being just put out.

Wash your hands before and after serving your plates, and don’t forget about the kiddos and their curious little hands.

Buffets can offer an affordable dinner option with a variety of choices that can please even the pickiest of eaters, but be aware of food safety practices.

Just try not to think too hard about an elderly gentleman putting his lips on all your utensils before you indulge in the tasty spread.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have ever witnessed a grotesque buffet sight, or if you have ways to avoid getting contaminated food.




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