Doctor Saves Baby Who Would Have Been Aborted

One of the most remorseful elements of humanity is our ability to take the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters.

The worst genocide to occur is happening all around us in the name of politics, disguised as liberty.

Our children are being murdered while many sit idly by, but a brave man has stood up for the forsaken of our nation.

Dr. Brent Boles has partnered with a coalition of doctors who have stood up against the status quo, saying they are pro-life, and will not be a part of the massacre called abortions.

Women who decide to get an abortion have the option to take the “RU-486” pills up until a certain point of pregnancy. It is called a chemical abortion.

The sickening two pill process begins with Mifepristone which begins to break down the pregnancy by shutting down the processes that provide progesterone to the uterus for the growing baby.

Pill number two, Misoprostol, induces labor to kick the baby out before it is good and ready.

A woman, under the name “Brianna”, made the fateful decision one day to end the life of her unborn child, so she went to the first place one thinks of when they want to kill their baby.

At Planned Parenthood they seemingly advised a chemical abortion, and administered the first pill of the RU-486 regimen to Brianna, giving her the second one to take at home.

Shortly after leaving, the mom had a drastic change of heart and wished she had never taken the pill that would leave her childless.

Searching the internet for hope, she stumbled upon and called the listed helpline 1-877-558-0333, on which Dr. Brent Boles was referred.

Brianna got in touch with Dr. Brent Boles, who was able to do the miraculous act of reversing the effects of the “poison” she was given the same day by writing a prescription for progesterone, as said in a Facebook post.

The life saving “Abortion Pill Reversal” protocol, as the site calls it, works by giving back the progesterone taken from the pregnancy process, allowing the body to continue nurturing the growing baby.

This must be taken in the first 72 hours after the first abortion pill is taken in order to be effective.

In Brianna’s case, it was life-saving, giving her little one the home it needed to continue growing to term.

In a beautiful turn of events, Dr. Boles was able to deliver by c-section the baby he had helped save, introducing Brianna to the best choice she had ever made.

Prior to the c-section, Boles asked if he could take a photo of the baby after delivery and post it, making sure to leave identifying facts out of the public eye.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it is worth more.

Posted on Facebook for all to see, this picture of a beautiful human life making its grand entrance into the world speaks for all the children that never had that opportunity because of the cruel “choice” to end their lives before they had a chance to make their debut.

Boles presented a celebration of life, a “photo to explain just why he provides the ever-growing Abortion Pill Reversal regimen to women looking to undo their chemical abortions”, according to the Christian Post.

Under the photo that speaks millions of words, Dr. Boles wrote on Facebook:

Recently I did this delivery, and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission. You see, when a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it. This patient did exactly that. The abortion providers will lie and tell people that there is no way to reverse it. That is not true. This patient found and I am on the panel of prolife providers who are willing to try to reverse the poison they were given. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but as you can see—it is worth the effort.”

How beautiful is that? Someone who is willing to put forth effort into something that might not produce gain in order to give a baby a fighting chance.

To the world’s shock and gratitude, the post has gained over 8,000 reactions, and more than 5,000 shares in just a week, said Boles, according to the Christian Post.

Brianna and her baby have pulled out of a low moment virtually unscathed, apart from the emotional turmoil that the beautiful baby you see in the picture was almost murdered.

It is exciting, and brave what Brianna did, facing the reality of her decision and working quickly to try and save her baby’s life.

And she is not the first to do so. It has been reported by Heartbeat International, the company managing the helpline, that more than 500 innocent babies have been saved from the Abortion Reversal Pill protocol!

It is projected that there will be 100 more reversals of the poison Planned Parenthood dishes out in the near future.

The Christian Post reported:

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Physician George Delgado, founder of Abortion Pill Rescue (formerly known as the Abortion Pill Reversal Network), released a study earlier this year, showing that up to 68 percent of women who used the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment were able to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby.”

Boles began his pro-life journey leading other doctors, some of which claimed to be pro-choice,  in 1995 to refuse to train in how to give abortions.

This is an issue where so many people will say that they’re pro-choice, but they’re too personally disgusted by the procedure to actually do it themselves,” said Boles in the Christian Post.

It is contrary to human decency to take an innocent life, creating an inner struggle that causes dissension between the body and mind.

With a baby being aborted every 30 seconds, we need an army of doctors like Boles working alongside advocates who can give a voice to the defenseless.

Liberals want to echo the disturbing excuses of the deranged left, while the real victims are slaughtered behind closed curtains.

If only all those who are thinking of taking the life of their child, would have conviction before they entered the doors of the enticer, Planned Parenthood or any of the affiliates, then more photos like that of Brianna’s baby could show the world a better tomorrow.

Please let us know if you have a miraculous story of an abortion pill reversal, or what you think of Dr. Boles’ work.