Elizabeth Warren’s New Book Will Shock You

Elizabeth Warren has spent her entire political career fighting conservative families across America.

Her latest book, “This Fight Is Our Fight”, claims to be a “blueprint” to save the middle class, yet showcases all of her leftist policies and hate in one place, and further takes a jab at conservative women.

Even worse, Warren continues to create division among Americans, encouraging people to resist President Trump.

Recently, at a town hall in NYC, Warren stood on stage reading excerpts from her book, and issued Trump a strong warning – “Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet”.

Warren claimed to be highlighting signs from the Boston women’s protest against Trump, but it was obvious she delighted in reading each anti-Trump slogan.

Breitbart reported:

“Warren was reportedly reading some of her favorite anti-Trump signs from the nationally-coordinated Women’s March in Boston, Massachusetts, when she said, “And only one more because I have to discipline myself on this. This is a good sign: ‘Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet…

The far-left senator and former Harvard law professor went on to say, “The character of a nation is not the character of its president. The character of a nation is the character of its people.”

Warren read a paragraph from her book that documented her emotion from the Women’s March in the state she represents. “As I marched in Boston with tens of thousands of others that day, I had no illusions. I knew it would be a hard fight. I knew there would be dark moments. But I knew that we had tens of millions of people with us, and this fight would be our fight.”

Elizabeth Warren has no shame.

She brags about being a “nasty woman”, as if it’s something one should strive for and be proud of.

Instead of condemning signs and logo’s like these, as any classy conservative woman would do, Warren lavished in it, and read it as if she was issuing Trump the warning herself.

Of course, the phrase “nasty woman” was created by Trump and directed at Hillary Clinton for her boorish ways and off-the-record crude mouth.

Liberals latched onto the term, and began bragging about how they too were “nasty women”.

While Warren denies it, there is still a chance she may run in 2020 against Trump.

Americans don’t want a feminist like Warren anywhere near the White House.

Even worse, while Warren claims to be trying to “save the middle class”, she lives a completely different lifestyle.

Breitbart reported:

“Warren reportedly received an excess of $500,000 for her last book, A Fighting Chance, published by the same company.

Ironically, Warren — who has claimed to fight against big business — was also paid more than $200,000 in over three years while working “on behalf of big business.” She was paid by Travelers, the nation’s largest insurer.

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According to Warren’s latest financial disclosure, she has a net worth of at least $2.5 million. And when her net worth is combined with the worth of her husband, Bruce Mann, the couple is reportedly worth more than $4.74 million.”

Elizabeth Warren is out of touch if she thinks being worth $4.7 million identifies as middle class.

Conservative women see right through her, and the feminists who idolize her need a strong reality check, as it’s clear all Warren is doing is using them to promote her book, and elevate her political status.

Do you think Elizabeth Warren would make a good president?

What are your thoughts on liberals bragging about being “nasty women”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.




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  1. Ischgabibble says:

    This woman is seriously demented and needs to seek immediate psychiatric assistance at Bellevue Hospital. I hear they are giving free lobotomy’s today. She really needs one.

    • A lobotomy on this unhinged idiot would be a redundant procedure. Leave it to MA to elect this rabid self absorbed maniac. She should be committed asap.

  2. Mary R Pearson says:

    Angry old HAG like a forked-tongue venomous snake that spits out lies and bullshit. Warren only helps herself that’s the BOTTOM LINE. She doesn’t give a RAT’S ASS about the MIDDLE CLASS. IT WOULD BE SO GREAT FOR AMERICANS that she would get VOTED OUT BY A CONSERVATIVE! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff7ec4b446db6b2daf1dcea05619ba6166777ba8f629b4a006291040d2a81deb.jpg

  3. I wouldn’t read this if it were free. She is no friend of the middle class. I live in her wacko state. She’s poison.

  4. I have a Liberal friend that can’t even stand her. I personally find her obnoxious !

  5. Indian shes not but claims she is . They would scalp her if they could .

  6. How’s book doing o far, better than Hillary’s or not?

  7. Alpha Romeo says:

    The phony Indian needs to retire just like all the other lunatics who call themselves Democrats!.

  8. Theresa Stuppiello says:

    Warren? Like fingernails across a chalk board. Need I say more?

  9. gnafuasusual says:

    Warren has her head screwed on wrong. She has turned violent and vile. Save the middle class, my arss! Whatever makes her shine is all that she is concerned about. Who did she support during the Trump-Clinton election!? That was enough to tell me she is in the game for self and to hell with the American People!

  10. Bennie Bennett says:

    She is worse than a nasty woman. She’s also stupid.

  11. Freedom fighter says:

    If every American would read her book her political career would be over

  12. Several years ago I used to like her but now she has turned into a career politician and is part of the 4th branch of government. I like the idea of a woman being able to run for president but NOT HER. She has gone off the deep end. She might as well be having an affair with George Soros.

    • Mathew Molk says:

      We really differ there. Woman. man, White, Black, or whatever mox nix to me. I go by the “Who they are, and the what they stand for? not their sex or color.

      To vote for someone because they are a woman is one of the more stupid things I ever heard of.

    • twinspineve says:

      she will never make any higher office. she projects the wrong image. everyone has had a mother-in-law, sister-in-law or wife like her.

  13. I’d much rather be a Deplorable than a nasty woman, personally.

  14. coconuisse says:

    The left’s idea of restoring the middle class is to make sure that they tax whatever income they might have, so that they end up with NOTHING. The only option they would then have is to beg for a handout from the leftist government, making them a forever indentured “class”, wholly dependant on the government for their existence. And, of course, woe to them that objected to the benevolent dictatorship of their “masters”, for they would quickly find themselves ineligible for any further “benefits”.

  15. Mathew Molk says:

    The only thing that would shock me about this crone is if she said something intelligent.

    And “nasty? Look bitch, don’t make me mad. You would really regret ir if you made me mad. – The real thing is nothing like TV or the movies.

  16. David in MA says:

    Elizabeth Warren’s New Book Will Shock You, it will not shock me, I do not intend to buy or read it.
    Liz is actually doing some good in MA, she, all on her own, will get the Commonwealth voting republican in the next couple of elections. MA is about to see a big change in the voters!

  17. Paul Wright says:

    Don’t buy her book she has stated what she ls. Boycott her book. No money .

  18. Liz Benton says:

    We should definitely vote her and Pelosi out of Washington…….They are just trouble makers…….

  19. This is tongue in cheek. As Ronald Reagan said, “It’s not that liberals know so much, it’s that what they know isn’t so.” The Russia, Russia, Russia crap it came out today Obama knew about it in August, do anything? Sanctions aren’t going to work.

  20. E Warren and her group should remember that we live in a democracy where the majority rules and the people have spoken. Dems should go back and re-read the constitution. We have freedom of speech but the majority will still rule. There are so many people who speak ideology and do not have to live with the “diversity” in the streets like the rest of us. They take their limos to and from work. The live in gated communities. The rest of us can only lock our doors at night to keep our loved ones safe. They are the ones letting the monsters rule the streets.

  21. Rick Goodman says:

    There was not one statement of truth in your whole bloody story. I wasn’t aware that the wolves of Wall St were predominately female. It must be great being out there shilling for the billionaires. You and your psychotic friends are about to kill thousands of children and elderly, because your racist and mysogenistic self hatred only allow you to be happy when being fucked up the ass by the 1%ers.

  22. Alpha Romeo says:

    Warren is just one stupid anti American Democrat in a long list of anti American Democrats.

  23. Pauline Kasper says:

    That woman needs to hop on her broomstick and fly into the sunset! Unfortunately, there still be many MASSHOLES who will be dumb enough to vote for her!

  24. I don’t want my girls or granddaughters to grow up to be nasty women! Be gone, nasty Lizzie! We don’t need people like you in our decent society.

  25. PhillyPhran says:

    She has that ex-nun look down pat. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Her jerky gesticulations make her really look silly. It’s actually kind of funny – like that idiot pretending he was signing at Mandela’s funeral.

  26. Warren claimed she – not might be, but WAS Native American in order to help her resume get her hired at the coveted Harvard. It’s disheartening that the state of Massachusetts folks went right ahead and elected her to the exalted position of their Senator even knowing she lied. It is just appalling how unimportant integrity seems to be in America today. And obviously she doesn’t see that very public fact a detriment at all to her speaking for the poor, women, etc. and trying to position herself for the highest office in the land.

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