Every Mom Of A Child With Special Needs Longs For These Main Things

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Many moms who are raising a child with special needs silently struggle while they watch the world go by.

And while they may seem to have it “all together”, they are longing for others to step in and help – even if they don’t always communicate what they need for fear of being a burden.

If you know a mom raising a child with special needs here are some practical ways you can make their load a little less heavy.


Be Their Friend

Raising a child with special needs can be incredibly lonely.

While many moms have “playdates” scheduled together with other moms, often times moms who are raising a child with special needs find themselves excluded, as their child can’t always participate in the same activities as other kids.

And while some moms are accepting of allowing children with special needs to join in on parties and activities, others are not.

More than anything, moms raising children with special needs simply want a friend – someone who will listen to them and include them in events.

You can be that friend!

Offer Extra Help

Grocery shopping with little ones can be a challenge for all moms, but for those with children with special needs it can seem nearly impossible.

Whether it’s bright lights or noises that upset their child, or even the challenge of getting a medically-fragile child into the car, every errand takes that much more time.

Look for practical ways to help moms raising children with special needs – whether it’s doing grocery shopping for them, or even offering to make a few meals.

And while cutting the grass or shoveling snow might seem like little things – they could make the world of difference for these moms!


Judgement Free Zone 

The worst thing you can do is judge another mom – especially when she is struggling.

Many moms recall horrible memories when complete strangers gave them dirty looks in the store or actually told them how to discipline their own children.

Families with special needs long to live a normal life, just like everyone else.

They want to go to the park, shop at the mall, and eat at restaurants.

Sadly, so many moms have had bad experiences and have been shamed or too embarrassed to go out in public.

Scary Mommy reported:

“If you see a special needs family in the community, all we ask is that you see us like everyone else. Please don’t judge us if you see our kids in meltdown mode and don’t understand why. You can ask us if we need help, or simply say nothing. But please do not tell us that if we discipline our kids more, they would listen. Please don’t stare or make comments, because I assure you we do see you and feel you staring. Many of us rarely get the opportunity to venture out in public because it takes so much effort, so please give us the space and grace we need. We want to be in the stores, the malls, the theme parks, the salons, the parks, just like other families. Let us be part of what comes so simply for so many. I once carried a sign in my bag which was laminated and said, “Meltdown in session, nothing to see here. Please carry on.”

If you see a struggling mom – offer to help. Or even just give her an encouraging word.


Every Mom Has Her Own Journey

Moms are united in the sense each one is doing the best they can.

Instead of tearing down each other, moms need to build one another up and offer support.

The world can be a cruel place, but we can each do our part to make the burden a little less heavy for one another.

Instead of criticism, let’s encourage fellow moms and be sensitive to those who may need an extra dose of love and grace.

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