Family Being Bullied Into Leaving Home Because Of Autistic Child

The term discrimination has been abused by liberal featherweights who want to use it when they feel their warped sense of self sexuality is being attacked.

Sadly, real discrimination is happening on a daily basis to groups of people who don’t choose to be an outlier.

Mentally and physically handicapped individuals are judged for something out of their control.

It has become so extreme that leftist bigots have gone as far as promoting the death of those who aren’t up to their expectations through abortions.

April was National Autistic Awareness Month, where the public was encouraged to become aware of those dealing with autism and the struggles they face.

Ironically, one family with an autistic child was bullied by the residents in their condominium building, leaving a letter on their door that was absolutely appalling.

NBC reported:

A mother is enraged and heartbroken after a neighbor at The Plaza condo in Bal Harbour posted a discriminatory letter on her door targeting her daughter who has autism.

Leah Solomon said her 16-year-old daughter Bathsheva has severe autism and has the intelligence quotient of a 4-year-old.

The letter – which said it spoke on the behalf of 300 neighbors at the condo – said Bathsheva is “large and hefty, adding that she has “major issues.”

“Her lack of impulse control, screaming and outbursts are not acceptable,” the letter reads. “We are not responsible for your daughter’s diagnosis.”

The letter is signed by “The Plaza of Bal Harbour Residents.”

How heart-wrenching and offensive to have your neighbors chastise and berate you for having a special needs child, rather than being a supportive community.

Mentioning her weight, a hard issue with many special needs children, is completely irrelevant to the tenants being upset with the noise.

Apparently, the main concern by members of the building is the noise that comes from the Solomon home.

Medical News Today explains what autism is defined as:

Autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first three years of a person’s life. The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person’s communication and social interaction skills.”

The lack of communication skills in autistic children causes them to become frustrated when their needs aren’t meant, or they can’t relay what they are trying to get across.

This frustration can lead to yelling and violent outbursts. Understanding the basis of this behavior should lend some grace concerning the disruption.

Yahoo Lifestyle shared more of the disgraceful letter the neighbors unloaded on the Solomon family:

We are not responsible for your daughter’s diagnosis. And you have no right to burden us with her diagnosis.” The hurtful letter also claims that Batsheva cannot socialize with others and that she disturbs neighbors with her jumping, “beginning at 5:30 AM every day.”

Solomon has been very troubled by the letter, and by the realization that hundreds of her neighbors don’t want her there.

For me, I’m outraged. I’m hurt,” Solomon said. “I’m broken because my daughter cannot defend herself.” reported ABC.

The Solomon family has every right to be upset; they are obviously being discriminated against.

Despite the autistic child being targeted for her disorder, the tenants are threatening legal action if the Solomon family doesn’t vacate the premises.

Although, the management at the building where they reside received a copy of the letter, they were not involved and said the letter was “disturbing”, according to NBC.

It is unclear what exactly will happen from here. Staying in a place where you feel unwelcome is unsettling, but the Solomon family should not have to be forced from their home for having an autistic child.

Contrary to the condominium inhabitants’ suggestion, it seems the Solomon’s will not be moving to a facility for disabled people.

Having 300 people on board with this insensitive display is astonishing. How could so many people become unified over attacking a child’s vulnerabilities?

Then again, liberals do it all the time.

Moving an autistic child to a new environment, with unfamiliarity and a changed schedule is extremely difficult for them.

A change of heart is in order. Solomon is trying to care for her children and does not deserve to be chastised.

Having a disability is not burdening others, but allowing them to gain perspective on life outside themselves.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think it was appropriate for the tenants in the building to leave such a letter, if they should have handled it differently, or if they should not have addressed it at all.