Family Miracle Proves God’s Divine Plan

Adoption is one of the greatest gifts a child without a family can receive.

It brings just as many rewards for parents who are not able to have children or who want to help children growing up in foster care.

And one mom’s heartwarming adoption story comes with a twist that can only be proof of God’s plan for all of us.

Nicole Alles is a foster mom who received a call in December of 2014 about a very sick little newborn.

Baby Sebastian was born with a host of health issues ranging from collapsed lungs to kidney and bladder failure.  One kidney didn’t work at all, and one was barely functioning.

His birth parents were unable to care for him in his fragile state of health, and the Alles family couldn’t say no.

Alles and her husband had fostered children for years but had encountered many roadblocks in trying to adopt.

The soon-to-be parents went through weeks of medical training in order to learn how to care for Sebastian and officially adopted him in 2016.

In his short life, Sebastian went through over 30 surgeries, was diagnosed with autism, lived only with the help of a laundry list of medications, and had never been able to eat solid food.

Right after the adoption became final, Sebastian’s remaining kidney started to fail.

Alles’ first thought was to donate one of her kidneys to her son, but since they were not biologically related, the chances were slim to none that either she or her husband would be a match.

And that’s when God stepped in with a miracle.

Alles went through the litany of tests needed to determine organ compatibility, and to everyone’s shock, she was a match.

To get an idea of how miraculous this truly is, one must understand just how many factors come into play.

The donor and recipient must share the same blood type or at least a compatible type; for example, if one is a universal donor.

Tissue type is also a factor, as three out of six proteins called antigens must match between the two people.  The higher the antigen match, the more compatible the donor and recipient are.

Then there are a multitude of tests performed to “cross-match” to determine if there are any factors present in either donor or recipient that would increase the likelihood of the kidney being rejected.

How rare is a match?  Well, even biological siblings with the same mother and father only match about a quarter of the time.

Only one obstacle remained, and that was Alles’ age.  At 48, she was nearly twenty years older than the preferred donor cutoff age of 30.

But Sebastian’s doctors knew a miracle when they saw one and made an exception to the age guidelines.

In October of 2017, Sebastian received his adoptive mom’s kidney, and his health almost immediately began to improve.

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Despite continued health problems, he is now starting to eat solid food and celebrated his fourth birthday with a cake made by his mom.

The duo’s surgeon at Indiana University Hospital, Dr. William Goggins, couldn’t believe the odds.

“I’ve been in Indiana for 15 years and I’ve done 2,100 kidney transplants,” said Goggins according to Today.  “This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. I look at the generosity of the mom and the love for the child — for a foster mom to be a match for her child and to be able to donate is super rare.”

Sebastian will have to permanently remain on anti-rejection drugs, but he now has far more hope for a normal childhood than ever before.

God had a plan,” she said. “I think about the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. It says, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to give you hope and a future.’ That — a future — is definitely what Sebastian has now,” Alles told Today.

Thirteen people a day die waiting for a kidney transplant, and 3,000 patients are added to the kidney donor waiting list each month, according to the National Kidney Center.

Alles’ story is truly a miracle, and if you are so led, get tested to see if you can become a living donor to someone who desperately needs it.

What do you think of this heartwarming story and God’s hand in it?  Leave us your comments.