Family Tragically Drowns After Testing Out New Pool

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Swimming is a favorite summer pastime, allowing a reprieve from the heat while spicing up the afternoon.

But getting into any body of water has its benefits and risks.

One family discovered the dangers a family swimming pool can hold – but it was too late.

Nisha Patel, 33, her 8-year daughter, and her father-in-law were cooling off in the swimming pool at their new house when things took a drastic turn.

All three members of the family were found “unresponsive” in the above-ground pool at the home in East Brunswick.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office announced drowning as the cause of death.

How did such a tragedy happen?

People reports:

Three family members who drowned in a backyard pool in New Jersey did not know how to swim, authorities said.”

Jumping into a pool that has various depths can lead to despair if you are not aware of it.

According to a joint statement by the prosecutor’s office and the police:

The above-ground pool was mostly shallow at 3½ feet deep, but there was a portion of the pool that was 7 feet deep. It doesn’t appear that the victims knew how to swim.”

Neighbors heard screaming around 4:15 pm and called the East Brunswick Police, according to WNBC, but by the time the authorities arrived the family had already met their demise.

There are those who have thought electricity may have been involved because a neighbor witnessed a truck from an electricity company at the residence following the accident.

NBC New York reports that electricity did not have anything to do with the deaths, saying the medical examiner determined all three individuals passed from accidental drowning.

It’s painful. It’s painful,” neighbor Yamini Patel told WCBS.

Similar sentiments were said after the 2018 drowning of 19-month-old Emeline, daughter of former Olympic skier Bode Miller and professional volleyball player Morgan Beck.

Their toddler drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool during a party they were attending, according to Today.

Life saving measures were taken but medical professionals were unable to revive little Emmy.

Nearly 10 people die every single day from unintentional drowning, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

It is easier than one thinks to succumb to the power of water, making it a deadly force under the guise of entertainment.

Adam Katchmarchi, president of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance said to Today:

“Drowning is a very quick and silent event. It can happen in as short as 20-60 seconds. The number one point with that is to actively supervise your children at all times around the water.”

He also stresses the importance of having an adult on the scene at all times who knows CPR and first aid.

It is so easy to turn your head for those little distractions- a drink of water, a conversation with a good friend, or even a moment basking in the sun’s rays.

But bringing children near a body of water is a big responsibility that no ace or novice should take for granted.

Aquatic professional Natalie Livingston has some expert tips to keep our little ones safe while enjoying summer swimming, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Always have your children ask permission to enter a body of water. Kids get excited and confident when it comes to swimming and sometimes don’t think twice before jumping into the deep end before those swimming lessons have paid off.

Every child who isn’t a strong swimmer should be wearing a life jacket at all times. If your child gets self-conscious in them, try wearing one with them to normalize the life-saving accessory.

Get kids ready for the summer months with swim lessons. A refresher course for new swimmers isn’t a bad idea either.

And most importantly, have an adult supervising children at all times in and around a body of water.

If you are at a party, or with a big group of people at a beach, have a designated responsible adult to keep an eye on children while everyone takes turns socializing.

What happened to the Patel family is heartbreaking, and could have been prevented.

Take swimming seriously, but enjoy the fun and experience swimming under the hot summer sun.

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