Feminist Rant Against President Trump Will Leave You Speechless

The left has never been shy in their criticisms of President Donald Trump and what they perceive his character to be.

They have called him arrogant, sexist, and labeled him a misogynist because they hate that he is promoting roles for women that fight back against progressive feminists.

President Trump has especially come under fire for supporting women in traditional roles, something the left views as akin to the destruction of society.

With his wife Melania prioritizing her role as a mother over her duties as First Lady, and daughter Ivanka playing a huge role in his presidency, the left is crying foul at what they view as the destruction of their carefully planned agenda — an agenda they assumed would continue when Hillary Clinton became president.

The fact is that Donald Trump is not the “sexist pig” the left and feminists portray him to be.

He is simply the head of a family with traditional values, and his entire family continues to be attacked by the liberal media because of it.

First Lady Melania Trump, especially, has been attacked in the media for her quiet and dignified support of her husband, and her choice to put her son before her duties as First Lady.

The Daily Caller reports:

Shouldn’t Melania be praised for deciding to stay back in New York with Barron until he finishes this year of school instead of moving into the White House for the first few months? Barron’s 10, and his life is going to change dramatically once his dad becomes president; keeping a semblance of normalcy in his life while it’s still possible is a good thing. “The campaign has been difficult for Barron, and she is really hoping to keep disruption to a minimum.”

Instead of viewing Melania’s choice to minimize her time in the spotlight and care for her son as a good thing, the left throws around theories that she is nothing but a demure “trophy wife”, or that her marriage is troubled because she wants to focus on her son.

The Daily Caller continues:

Melania made something of herself, and that should be respected. Unfortunately, because her last name is Trump, she is a woman of little value to them, only to be derided and mocked for the fatal flaw of marrying a patriarchal sexist pig.

Before this screed, feminists and liberal women turned the other way when the New York Post plastered Melania’s nude modeling photos on its cover. They did not defend her for making choices about her body as she saw fit. They did not attack the New York Post for shaming a woman. They did nothing.

And as for Ivanka Trump’s role in the administration, the left uses the President’s trust in his daughter and his close relationship with his family as another example of what they hate about women in the Trump administration.

Far from being a misogynist who wants to keep “women in their place”, President Trump has made the women in his life key advisors, showing his trust in their wisdom and opinion to help guide his presidency.

Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in his choice of traditional mom Kellyanne Conway to lead his campaign and guide his time in office.

LifeSite News reports:

As the media narrative centered on a long sought-after career goal being snatched from Hillary Clinton’s grasp, Conway continued to lead as the face of the Trump transition in the same measured and soft but steely fashion as she did throughout the campaign.

And she did so while the dramatic, wounded outcry from Clinton supporters played out in response to Clinton’s loss, often turning violent and with Conway herself getting death threats.

Conway has consistently stressed the importance of being a wife and mother when asked about her future with the Trump administration since the election win and at times has drawn liberal and feminist detraction.

President Trump has shown himself to be the opposite of what feminists claim him to be.

He is the patriarch of a close-knit family.  He trusts and values his wife and children, depending heavily on their advice and guidance.  And the women in his administration value traditional roles.

The left claims Trump “hates” women, but what they hate is that the pendulum may be swinging back to respecting women as wives, mothers, and caretakers of the family.


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