Feminists Are At It Again With This Absurd Message

Feminists are at it again.

They have been particularly vocal in recent months over the injustices they feel women face and in their expressions of despair at the loss of their “leader”, Hillary Clinton, in last year’s election.

But this time, they are making a truly ridiculous demand of women in the name of female “power.”

An article appeared recently in Vogue magazine encouraging women to turn to the practices of witchcraft to “awaken” their inner strength.

LifeSite News reported:

 Vogue is encouraging women frustrated by today’s political climate to “awaken your inner witch” by reciting incantations to “call back” their feminist power.

There’s a “witchy renaissance” happening right now, according to the article, titled “How to Awaken Your Inner Witch”. It promoted a new book on witches by a “third-generation hereditary witch and wellness practitioner” named Lisa Lister.

“Women across the globe are actively using the word ‘witch’ as a way to describe themselves because the witch is waking,” according to Lister. They are rejecting the “patriarchy” and “re-remembering” what it means to be a woman.

While we have seen some embarrassing behaviors and demands from modern feminists in recent years, this one should make all women furious.

David French writes in National Review on the utter “stupidity” of modern feminists and their ridiculous claims, and the new call for a “witchy renaissance” is just another example of this behavior:

Modern feminism is getting embarrassing. There’s a reason why so few women identify as feminists: It’s less a true “women’s movement” than the public face of hysterical leftist intolerance — combined, of course, with utterly bizarre (and bizarrely stupid) ideas.

The true insanity is not that there are crazy people in this world — there always are (I can tell some stories after 45 years in church) — but that modern feminism

The stupid is so very strong here. The list could go on and on. In fact, we should never forget that perhaps the single-most stupid political argument in modern politics — that you’re waging a “war on women” unless you completely support requiring all employers of any faith or no faith at all to provide employees with free contraceptives and abortifacients — was adopted enthusiastically and wholeheartedly for at least two full years by one of our major political parties.

Modern feminists have frequently attacked conservative women, calling them “oppressed” and have viciously attacked Christianity and other religions for their reliance on a higher power to draw strength.

But calling for women to join a cultish practice to build their confidence and inner strength is not only absurd, it is dangerous.

It is particularly frightening for these kinds of stories to run in magazines that appeal to young women and teenage girls who are vulnerable as they explore who they are becoming.

LifeSite News continued:

The “simple ritual for awakening (or, more precisely, re-awakening) your own inner witch” that the iconic magazine published involves creating a triangle with one’s hands, a “mudra” sometimes used in yoga and Eastern spirituality practices.

“We stand with our feet slightly apart, bent at the knees, and then we close our eyes, place our attention at our third eye and say out loud three times: ‘I call back my power now,'” the article instructs. Women should “visualize a bright white light coming up through the soles of your feet, through your knees and into your womb space.”

Readers are instructed to end the occultish practice by saying “so mote it be,” which seems to witchcraft’s equivalent of “amen.” 

These feminists are an embarrassment to themselves and all women.

Relying on behaviors like witchcraft because they are not seeing things in society going their way is simply unbelievable.

And perhaps more ridiculous is the fact that any kind of publication — even in these days of liberal media indoctrination — would give this idea any kind of credence.

If modern feminists continue to be encouraged by the left for their outrageous behaviors, we will see more of this craziness.

It is already hard enough to believe such a ridiculous message as joining a “witchy renaissance,” but the worst is likely yet to come from the embarrassing movement of “modern feminism.”