Feminists Just Leveled The Ultimate Insult At Conservative Women

Liberal feminist women like to pretend they are “pro-woman,” and claim they actually care about defending and helping women succeed.

But Americans are on to their games, and know nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, feminist Tamara Holder was caught red-handed making an insulting remark about conservative women, which proves yet again the real feminist agenda.

And one thing is certain – the feminist agenda is ugly, and dangerous for conservative values.

But liberal feminists like Holder continue to make insane comments, degrading conservative women.

It’s obvious liberal feminists are still mourning the fact Hillary isn’t president, which in turn means none of her supporters have a job in the White House.

Instead of gracefully accepting defeat, Holder went on to take a dig at those who are actually working in the White House to make America great again.

In fact, Holder’s latest jealousy-laced comment was so outrageous that if the same comment had come from a conservative, liberals would be up in arms protesting in the streets.

Holder went on a verbal rampage saying all the women in Trump’s life have “small minds” because they don’t defend women.

Too arrogant to see, Holder misses the entire mark that her comment just insulted women everywhere.

Breitbart reports:

“I think that the women in Donald Trump’s life probably have smaller minds than his small hands,” Holder told host Joy Reid.

She went on to say Trump has surrounded himself with “very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him” and can only defend him rather than speak out against him.

“He has continued to surround himself, Donald Trump, with very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him. We are seeing Donald Trump explode from very, very far away. Imagine the fear that these women have when they’re up close and personal with him. You can’t fight fire with fire if you’re standing right next to it. It’s going to explode and you’re going to blow up. So, this is why he has surrounded himself with women who can’t do anything other than defend him — kind of defend him, just not say anything.”

Liberals still can’t accept Trump as president, and that he has surrounded himself with a competent team of professionals, including conservative women.

If feminists actually cared about women, they would applaud Trump for employing women in the White House, instead of surrounding himself with only men.

Feminists are not pro-woman. They only support the small majority of liberal women who agree with their deranged policies.

During the election, feminists blindly followed Hillary, simply for the fact she was a woman. That was the only criteria they needed.

It was conservative women who went against the grain and refused to vote for Hillary just for being a woman — they instead voted for a candidate who actually respects women, like President Trump.

Feminists need to learn Americans are on to their tricks, and the game is up.

What are your thoughts on Tamara Holder’s comments insulting conservative women? Why do you think feminists are so bitter towards conservative women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    another liberal angry woman they can dish it out but can’t take it grow up

  2. celticwanderer64 says:

    I was just out of high school when “women’s lib” got rolling. I saw through them instantly. People would ask me if I was a women’s libber and I would say no, I’m a Barbara libber. Even back then they tried to tell women they didn’t need a man in their life. That they could do it all alone quite well. Their one goal was so Marxist it should have been obvious to everyone. Get women out of the home. Tell women they were “stuck” being wives and mothers and there was so much more out there for them. Subliminal message: get out of the house and leave your children in the care of others so that we can indoctrinate them in our philosophy more easily down the road. I was embarrassed that my “sisters” would fall so easily for this tactic. They liked the idea of shunting their responsibilities as a mother off on others. Women are by nature so influential in the home that undermining them in any way is the Progressive goal (hence their dislike for conservative women – we don’t buy into their agenda), and many fell for it, including the men. Many husbands reject the idea of their wives staying home with the kids calling it a perpetual vacation. Somehow the Progressive ideas always sound so appealing to so many. Even as a young person I was a conservative, so I guess I’ll never understand.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      The devil has blinded the minds of those people, but, more & more people are waking up. Two of my daughters in law were very fortunate to be able to stay home with their children. Both of their hubbies are Christians, so they understand that that’s what God intended. The man is to be the protector AND provider for the family. He’s to be the priest also, & teach his children to moral, upstanding adults.

    • Eileen Smith says:

      Oh, but you do understand – completely. These bimbos just as so blindsided and ignorant, they do not understand that a woman is by nature a multitasker and has the brains and ability to do whatever she chooses.

      • Oh thanks for saying that! It started out for Equality w men (we can do anything we put our minds to – none of that “little woman” bs!)) to we are Better than men. need to go with equal education for all, then take the best person (he/she/it) for the job at hand. but yes, females tend to be born multi taskers~!

  3. This has been going on since the “bra burning” era. There are so many bitter women out there who create more hate in a world where we do not need any more. Funny these women did not speak up for Megyn Kelly and her problems.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      They’re used to her being on a conservative news station, & they are NEVER going to defend ANY woman they see as a conservative.

  4. Another day, more lies from another alt-right organization. It is sad that the Trumpanzees are all so very angry! It does provide great humor for liberals and moderates like me. Not sure how I got on the email list for this publication and the TrumpTrainWreck, but the lies are so unreal and hysterical, they make my day!

  5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Feminists have been part of the destruction to our nation. They want to be superior to men. I’ve always wondered why a lot of lesbians dress like men, since they claim to hate men. They have basically emasculated the male part of our society, & there are a LOT more sissies, than there ever used to be. I thank the Lord that all 3 of my sons are not sissies, & neither are my 4 grandsons. But, when you try to watch a sitcom, the kids are always way smarter than the dad, or if no kids are in the sitcom, the wife, mother, etc is always smarter than the man. And, now, the next generation is full of pansies, & sissies, & no, I’m not talking about gays. When I was younger, & was looking for a man in my life, I wanted a manly man. One that would empty the mouse traps, or kill spiders for me. And, one that wasn’t incapable of showing emotions. I finally gave up. LOL! But, if conservative men AND women don’t start standing up, instead of bowing to the PC crowd, America will never be a great country again. Part of the problem with Obama was that he’s a sissy, so that opened the door for more sissies being in charge of our government. And, Christians also need to stand up & declare what we believe, & WHY we believe it. Feminists think they are superior to males, but, there are things that men can do that women can’t, & things women can do that men can’t. That’s the way God intended it, & we’ve basically allowed that to become messed up.

    • Excellent – and I agree with you!

    • Shelley Wolfe says:


    • Knowledge Transfer says:

      Feminism; homosexualism; trangenderism etc. etc. are all part of a design to make the sexes indistinguishable from each other thus making procreation the exception vs. the norm. It’s all about ending humanity as we know it without shots being fired. And leaving the earth to the elites without what they call people like us “useless eaters”; “masses of pulsating maggots”; and gobbets of meat protruding from wombs”. Inch by incremental inch enslavement will have proven to have been a cinch. Cowardly Christians [the vast majority of this country] and their feckless leaders are the root cause. Evil should be conditioned to fear good vs. good ever fearing evil. We must stop playing nice with evil. Playing nice with evil isn’t love. It’s indifference; cowardice and hate.

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      With Satans help

    • Maria castro says:

      I am not a feminist, I like men to open the doors, I like men, and I had that experience once, offered his jacket so my feet didnt get wet, I like men to carry my bags when they are heavy, and I dont mind being complimented. When I had to do the things myself, I did, but NOT if I could help it. This type of men were called gentlemen and I enjoyed it. I think that shows respect, admiration and care for women, after all their mothers were women.

    • John R. Bloxson Jr. says:

      I agree the left want to keep us from speaking out that’s why they rioted at U. C. Berkeley, and rushed the stage at Columbia, and stopped free speech on most College and Universities. It is why they push their political correct bull manure, and intellectual bigotry, The teach revisionist history degrading and blaming America for most of thee wrongs in this world! The National Organization of Women refused to stand up to Islamic Sharia Law they have remain relatively silent as billions of women suffer abuse at the hands of the Islamic theocratic Governments! Hillary took millions of dollars from these Islamic States to look the other way while secretary of State and C. E. O. of the Clinton Foundation. We see the truth that they don’t want us to see until we can no longer fight back and are placed in the labor camps as subversives, political dissenters, and Christians No the Woman’s movement of today is run by people like the woman in the article, and Islamic Radicals like Linda Sarsour, and those at Vogue who want teenage girls to experiment with all forms of sex including the exploration of Anal Sex. And or like the councilors at Planned Parenthood that counseled a 13 year old female to experiment with sexual bondage that is not looking out for womens rights far from it. The Strong Women advisor’s with Trump are not the weak minded ones. No this women in the article is, along with many other like minded leftist like Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi.

    • Christians are NOT the best people at providing a lucid argument about WHY we believe anything, other than falling back on an appeal to an authority (God) that our opponents don’t recognize. If you can’t also make the argument from purely socio-economic/humanistic/natural law terms, you’re not going to win.

    • Erin Larson says:

      Well Said!!

  6. Pick and choose who you want to defend and make sure it is so PC. What a joke. You are right on Sharon.

  7. tryscavage says:

    An organization – The National Organization of Women – has NEVER cared about women’s rights. I have records of their action going back 30 years. They are a small group of ‘power’ seeking women who do nothing ,to help their membership.

  8. Shelley Wolfe says:

    Strong, intelligent women do not need to make asses of themselves like feminists do. Im a strong, intelligent, independant woman, and women are not meant, by GODS design to be head of the household. We are just as smart and can do as much as men do to the extent GOD intended. They are NOT men, will never be, but they are not true women. They are egotistical, maniacal, confused, over bearing, mentally inept, power hungry degenerates. They have no platform, women have many rights. They are nothing more than attention whores that are an embarrassment to all women and many men. Their agenda is just like racism where skin color is the #1 Priority. They have to be heard and seen as being like men. Hyperbole, bs, conjecture and delusions of granduer are not platforms, a mere self proclaimed cause for the few weak minded, self alienated, self destructive, narcissistic, bigotted, egomaniacal females. Act like REAL women.

    • CATSPATRICIA says:

      Shelley, there has never been a more articulate description of this group of “women.” You could write a book denouncing this movement. The only thing you neglected was “ladylike” or “shame.” Wearing Pussy hats was the most disgusting vulgar thing I’ve seen in my lifetime–and I am 77. You are sooooo correct.

  9. It is quite amazing how naïve liberal thinking folk too often are. They are easily manipulated because they want to do what is best for everyone, but are too easily fooled into believing that if one does not completely agree with the Progressive agenda, they must be evil. These otherwise rational liberal minded Americans are too quick to believe that President Trump surrounds himself with women because they are afraid of him and cater to him, which to any rational way of thinking is absurd. But rational liberal minded folk have begun seeing through the veil of utopian rhetoric that Progressives spew out and are understanding that those women in the Trump administration are there for one reason; they are qualified to do the job they are committed to do.

  10. DitzyOldLady says:

    Feminist supported a Lying, murdering, child abusing cheater, using children to launder money, she accepted from Islamic Terrorists.

  11. and perhaps Holder’s affair with a married Jesse Jackson years ago has rotted her brain beyond use

  12. Tamara Holder is a NASTY woman

  13. American Mom says:

    You should check out http://www.MomsMarchUSA.com A VERY different kind of march. 🙂

  14. These women are incredibly HATEFUL people, and I am seeing this over, and over.

  15. Feminists have never been for women but all about destroying women. Acting like a man to declare your feminism makes no sense at all. We should be celebrating what makes us feminine and it IS different than what makes a man masculine. To say that it isn’t is the biggest lie of all. Women and men equal value to God who created them, different design and different functions.

  16. William Konrad says:

    Did it ever occur to This idiot that the reason they don’t speak out against Trump is because they have nothing to speak out against. Again if you don’t agree with a liberal you must be wrong, they just don’t get it. The small minds are yours.

  17. Mathew Molk says:

    To use the vernacular of the workplace,

    Who gives a shit what these bull dykes say?

    We Won. They Lost,(And we are continuing to win more every day)

    If they can’t get over it they can get out (Like they promised they would do if President Trump Won

    MAGA or get the hell out. We Don’t need you. We don’t want you.

  18. This stupid lib most likely supports Sharia and the full muslime agenda. But in retrospect, Sharia would be a good thing for these libs as it would eliminate their ability to speak their illiterate dialog.

  19. gwedem5995 says:

    The only one with small minds is liberals as they have no brains at all.

  20. Aristophanes says:

    If these “feminists” are so much for women’s rights why are they wanting sharia law here? Why are they supporting muslims? Can’t figure these women out. They are supporting people who have NO respect (muslims, clintons) for women and trying to trash a man who does respect women (President Trump). If you want me to vote for a woman for president, give me someone who qualifies and not some woman who has no respect for women or for herself.

    • Naomi Lackey says:

      That’s the question I ask— How can they, possibly, say they are for any good thing for women when they allow Sharia Law (the negation of woman)? I doubt, very much, that they have any idea what Sharia is about. They just say words, without understanding the depth of the words. I think they consider themselves very intellectual– but, they aren’t. They show their ‘lack of knowledge’..

      • Diane Ross Eslinger says:

        maybe we should round them all up, send them somewhere and force them to live under ACTUAL Sharia law for oh, lets say about 1 month….think that will get thru their thick skulls?

        • They won’t like sharia so much when they have to be “cut” with a piece of glass and no anesthesia.

  21. Just another brainless orifice with a voice.

  22. Maggie Cadden says:

    I am 77 now and was part of the feminist movement from the 60s on. But about the time Reagan became president the entire movement was taken over by lesbians. I have nothing against lesbians but my concerns have nothing to do with the lesbian agenda.

  23. At least most conservative women keep their thoughts to themselves have you noticed it is always a liberal spouting off about something which they know nothing about?

    • Doris Will says:


  24. Angie Crowell says:

    As a Proud Conservative Who Loves My President, My Country, My Family, My Man, My Kids and Grandchildren, and Most of All Our Sweet Jesus, Our Redeemer! I’m Proud I’m NOTHING like these “Testosterone Vampires” who call themselves “Feminists” I just laugh, at them anymore, FOOLISH WOMEN, At least we know they won’t be reproducing for the future generations, they literally suck all testosterone from the men to the point we will need DNA testing to find their genders.

  25. Elizabeth Davis says:

    All the feminists are worried about is their own self.. the could care less about all the women in the world

  26. Robert Early says:

    All Feminists are sluts and whores.

  27. joleenworden says:

    If Tamara Holder is related to Eric Holder that explains alot of her anger. Sadly these feminists do not have a clue about what is important to most women. I have 2 College Degrees and a profession, but having a loving husband who could support me and our 3 beautiful healthy children was the priority in my life. I am just as intelligent as someone who sends he kids to daycare, but I prefer to raise my own family. Most Trump supporters are smart, beautiful, and value their children. I guess the Liberal feminists will let the Muslims produce all the future children, so we will not even have a free country let alone women’s rights. Christians do need to wake up and quit bowing to the LGBTQ agenda.

  28. Maria castro says:

    That is called woman’s scorn

  29. When the women’s March movement started honoring cop killers, I knew how bad it has become since Obama fixed this nation but real good. Half the nation wants another Obama someone who will shit on our flag and nation like he did. Someone whom will piss away in secret trillions of dollars then add it yo the national debt. We need someone to lie to us on a regular basis while their destroying the nation. We need another Obama, like we need cancer.

  30. This article was wrong on one point. It was stated “During the election, feminists blindly followed Hillary, simply for the fact she was a woman. That was the only criteria they needed.” I’m sorry, they really followed Hillary because she is a socialist just like the feminists. Do you think for one minute that they would support a conservative woman?

  31. Pamela Sue Therrien says:

    They are not Feminists at all they are simply Liberals using what started out as a feminist platform and became infected with everything but what it was formed to be about women all women’s lives and the betterment there of. The glaring lack of ethics or care of all women is absolute is is only about an agenda nothing more nothing less and anyone who fit’s into that agenda is great no matter what, regardless of if they are killers, believe women have little is no say in their own lives or whatever it makes no difference.

  32. way2confused says:

    Tamara, it is far better to have a weak or small mind than be like you who has no mind at all. You are just another angry progressive upset that your madonna Hillary lost.

  33. way2confused says:

    And now the feminists and global warming freaks are telling us we should not have children because of their carbon footprint.

    Meanwhile, muslims are breeding like rabbits with the full intent of becoming the majority and turn this country into a caliphate and the implementation of Sharia Law. But these feminists are too dumb to realize it.

  34. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Basically these are people who are so insecure in a failing career that they go after anyone has has made a name for themselves in an area that makes a difference to society.

  35. I stopped reading this rubbish when I got to part where Holder says …”Trump has surrounded himself with weak-minded women who are afraid of him.”…. The women I’ve seen around Trump are nothing short of brilliant.

  36. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Excuse me, you fecal piece of garbage. I am a Conservative, Christian & NOT A FEMINIST. You are very pathetic. Turn to GOD & maybe you will see the light.

  37. That woman has a deranged mind. That’s why she throws out so much tripe.

  38. reasoning with facts says:

    Did`ya ever notice that Feminist demanding equal job opportunity never apply for Sewer System jobs , Garbage Collection jobs , Landfill jobs , and Construction Ditch Digging ? Why is that ?

  39. Robert Early says:

    At.least half of all Feminists have VD from screwing the other half. They’re all going to die soon. Be patient and watch the spectacle, America. Those who survive might be hanged in the following Civil War. Oh, what a joyful day.

  40. Bennie Bennett says:

    Her comments are totally ridiculous.

  41. Her comments are laughable! We are NOT afraid of our President!

  42. temporary guest says:

    Tamara Holder is a perfect example of why there are lesbians in the world … a real man wouldn’t touch a woman like that with somebody els’ ….. awww… never mind,

  43. Gary Parker says:

    Wow! Fortunately, the so-called feminists are a very small minority of all American women. They claim to speak for all women, but it seems the only thing they care about is being able to screw, get pregnant, and then get an abortion in the ninth month. Isn’t that sort of like premeditated murder?

  44. Countrysunrise says:

    It’s women like Tamara Holder that cause men to become Homosexuals and Transexuals!! Who in the HELL does she think SHE is?? Our minds are just as strong as theirs, if not stronger, but we know how to use them constructively, instead of destructively, and we know how to keep our men without having to put on “barely there” clothing to catch and keep them!! We use our minds to make something of ourselves besides asses, such as Kathy Lee Griffin among others. We become scientists, pollsters, and yes, we work in the White House, too, and those that do love their jobs!! We try to do jobs that will be beneficial to our Country!! So Tamara — you can go crawl back under your rock and stay there — whoever you are, since I’ve never even HEARD of you until today, and don’t know who you are, and what you do!! I personally don’t care, either!!

  45. Liberal women are the small brained women she is talking about. Liberal women can only regurgitate talking points they have been fed by other Democraps and that is all they know. They don’t have enough brain matter to think for themselves ergo they all sound the same. Like why can’t a Democrap name the leader of the DNC??? Because no one has told them who the leader is…. It is just that simple….
    If you don’t believe me, just ask a Democrap who is their leader??? They will have a blank stare and no answer….
    Why is Debbie Wasserman Schults in such legal trouble over her hiring of her Pakistani IT team that she paid 4 time the going rate? Was she getting kick backs? Or was she being blackmailed???
    Either way it shows a weak mind or stupidity on her part and again she is a Democrap…. and it goes on and on with ever Democrap woman, like Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee, Elanor Norton and the list goes on….. and I haven’t even touched the men in the Democrap party like Hank Johnson, Al Green and the mental midget of all time “Elijah Cummings”….
    Can you see the connections here???? Democraps need to be terminated as a political party; they are broke an morally bankrupt also….

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