Feminists Just Leveled The Ultimate Insult At Conservative Women

Liberal feminist women like to pretend they are “pro-woman,” and claim they actually care about defending and helping women succeed.

But Americans are on to their games, and know nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, feminist Tamara Holder was caught red-handed making an insulting remark about conservative women, which proves yet again the real feminist agenda.

And one thing is certain – the feminist agenda is ugly, and dangerous for conservative values.

But liberal feminists like Holder continue to make insane comments, degrading conservative women.

It’s obvious liberal feminists are still mourning the fact Hillary isn’t president, which in turn means none of her supporters have a job in the White House.

Instead of gracefully accepting defeat, Holder went on to take a dig at those who are actually working in the White House to make America great again.

In fact, Holder’s latest jealousy-laced comment was so outrageous that if the same comment had come from a conservative, liberals would be up in arms protesting in the streets.

Holder went on a verbal rampage saying all the women in Trump’s life have “small minds” because they don’t defend women.

Too arrogant to see, Holder misses the entire mark that her comment just insulted women everywhere.

Breitbart reports:

“I think that the women in Donald Trump’s life probably have smaller minds than his small hands,” Holder told host Joy Reid.

She went on to say Trump has surrounded himself with “very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him” and can only defend him rather than speak out against him.

“He has continued to surround himself, Donald Trump, with very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him. We are seeing Donald Trump explode from very, very far away. Imagine the fear that these women have when they’re up close and personal with him. You can’t fight fire with fire if you’re standing right next to it. It’s going to explode and you’re going to blow up. So, this is why he has surrounded himself with women who can’t do anything other than defend him — kind of defend him, just not say anything.”

Liberals still can’t accept Trump as president, and that he has surrounded himself with a competent team of professionals, including conservative women.

If feminists actually cared about women, they would applaud Trump for employing women in the White House, instead of surrounding himself with only men.

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Feminists are not pro-woman. They only support the small majority of liberal women who agree with their deranged policies.

During the election, feminists blindly followed Hillary, simply for the fact she was a woman. That was the only criteria they needed.

It was conservative women who went against the grain and refused to vote for Hillary just for being a woman — they instead voted for a candidate who actually respects women, like President Trump.

Feminists need to learn Americans are on to their tricks, and the game is up.

What are your thoughts on Tamara Holder’s comments insulting conservative women? Why do you think feminists are so bitter towards conservative women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.