Feminists Wear Hijabs To Look “Trendy” And Don’t Realize They Are Missing The Entire Point

Feminists are desperate for attention.

In fact, liberals are so desperate to prove just how “feminist” they are, their latest ignorance has caused outrage among those they are trying to “stand with.”

For feminists, it’s all about showing off the latest fashion trend.

During the anti-Trump marches in D.C., women were spotted wearing pink and vulgar outfits displaying their reproductive parts.

Then came the “safety pins” to let people know it was okay to talk to them, under the new “violent Trump era” presidency they’ve fabricated in their heads.

Now, liberals’ latest trend is wearing hijabs, even if they aren’t Muslim.

Many women around the world in Muslim countries are forced to cover-up in a hijab, even against their will.

But feminist women in America are wearing hijabs as the latest fashion trend, as if it’s something to be proud of.

As it turns out, feminists believe the hijab has become a “symbol of resistance and feminism” during the Trump era.

USA Today reports:

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the debate around Islamic dress has taken a new turn: The hijab has emerged as a symbol of resistance to Islamophobia amid policies from the Trump administration targeting Muslim immigrants.

Scores of non-Muslims have donned hijabs to express solidarity with Muslim women, too, though some criticized the move, arguing that the garment represents oppression of women.

Young Muslims like Sameeha disagree.

“I do believe hijab support feminism,” she said outside the Muslim prayer center at her school’s College Park campus. “The way you look at it from a religious perspective, it empowers you by strengthening your relationship with God. It’s a step you are taking to further yourself within your own religion.”

“No one forced me to dress this way,” she added.

Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a non-profit organization working to empower American Muslims, says while some countries do require a hijab, “the ‘hijab oppresses women’ narrative is not only racist, it is also sexist.” To assume a woman’s hijab was forced without asking her is to presume she views Western styles as ideal,” Mogahed said.

Of course, the feminists wearing the hijab aren’t actually doing anything to help oppressed women overseas.

Walking around in protest wearing a hijab is not helping women, it’s false activism.

And walking to the mall to pick up the latest fashion “accessory” does nothing to help women who are truly beaten and oppressed.

Even Nike has cashed in on the latest trend with the “Nike Pro Hijab.”

Breitbart reports:

“The new “Nike Pro Hijab” is the result of several years of advocacy and product development, the company says. It is made of a light, stretchy material with an extended cape to prevent the covering from becoming untucked during strenuous movement. A Nike swoosh is emblazoned prominently above the wearer’s ears.”

While some cheered on Nike, other Muslim women took to Twitter and called out Nike tweeting things such as “We do not wear a hijab and go running in the streets.”

Feminism is a misguided system of beliefs.

Women are not oppressed under Donald Trump. In fact, his policies are actually helping women everywhere.

Feminists should spend their time educating themselves on reality, instead of using a symbol of oppression as “a symbol of resistance” and fashion.

What are your thoughts on feminists’ choice to wear hijabs as a fashion trend? Do you think feminist women are out of touch with reality?

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