Film’s Release Is A Slap In The Face To Sexual Assault Victims

No matter how careful we are to monitor and control what our families are exposed to in liberal news and entertainment, it is nearly impossible to avoid it completely.

From the mainstream media, to the Hollywood entertainment industry, to social media sites, progressive propaganda is everywhere.

It seemed recently that there would finally be some accountability for immoral behavior in the media, but now it appears we are taking a step back.

It is well-known that the entertainment industry is run by a dark underbelly of the rich and powerful, typically in the back pocket of the left as they aim to tear down the values our nation was founded on.

Film, television, and news shows push the boundaries of decency every day and normalize promiscuity, adultery, and homosexuality.

But in the last year, it appeared that some of the “good old boys” in entertainment were going to be held accountable for their actions.  The media had a field day identifying several Hollywood actors and television personalities who had been accused of sexual harassment.

Most were promptly fired from their jobs and blacklisted for future work.

From Harvey Weinstein to Bill Cosby — both of whom were convicted for their crimes – to Matt Lauer and Kevin Spacey – who lost their jobs and reputations – it appeared industry execs were working to clean house.

But now, one former actor is back in the spotlight, reaping the financial rewards of having a new film released.  And it should infuriate us all.

Kevin Spacey was accused by several women, as well as men, of molesting them.  Several were minors at the time.  Though he was not arrested for this disturbing conduct, we were at least given the impression that we would never see him on screen again.

We were wrong.  Vertical Entertainment, a small independent production company, is releasing a movie starring Spacey that was filmed before his ousting from Hollywood.

The Billionaire Boys is set to be released to video on demand this month and will hit some theaters in August.  While the producers say they “do not condone sexual harassment on any level,” the company doesn’t think it fair to scrap the release of the film because of “one person’s conduct.

Not only is it inappropriate to release the film, but those who are distributing it are using playing on Spacey’s reputation as a predator to sell it to audiences.

LifeSite News reported:

A trailer for the film begins provocatively with the question “What’s that difference between a bad guy and a good guy who does bad things?” 

It shows Kevin Spacey surrounded by fresh-faced young boy-men in expensive suits.   “Do you think people get rich by playing by the rules?” he demands of a distraught youth.    

Following numerous accusations from men who were young boys at the time, Spacey “apologized,” declared he was homosexual, and said he couldn’t remember each incident he was accused of due to “inappropriate drunken behavior.

But while some in Hollywood are facing jail time, and certainly the end of their careers, Spacey will be back in the limelight and taking in financial royalties.

Why is this film being allowed to be released when other actors have had to face permanent consequences for their behavior?  The message it sends is that the left-wing Hollywood machine is still in control – and the bottom line is still the almighty dollar.

Their attempt to save face by blacklisting any celebrity accused of sexual assault at the time seems to be waning as accounts fade into memory.

And it is a slap in the face to the victims of this “good old boy” culture of manipulation, secrecy, and sexual promiscuity.

A recent USA Today poll conducted in light of the sexual harassment charges in the entertainment world found that nearly 70 percent of women have experienced inappropriate and unwelcome sexual advances or propositions.

Many were young, some were minors, and most will never get over the emotional trauma.  The term “microaggressions” has been coined to describe the small ways these behaviors are being normalized over time in our progressive culture.

USA Today reported:

Though the term has gotten a lot of attention, many of the behaviors are so culturally ingrained that rooting them out is more complex than firing one bad actor. Often women experience these behaviors so frequently from so many different places, that it can become pervasive and illegal.

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In places like Hollywood, where this type of behavior has been normalized for decades, its not surprising that women who never come into contact with accused serial predators like Bill Cosby still feel the effects.

Most of the respondents to the survey thought that the “boys’ club” mentality will never disappear, and that these behaviors will be further normalized and even forgotten – except by the victims.

One victim told USA Today, “But these are grown men and you can’t say ‘boys will be boys,’ because then when you’re a woman in that environment, you have this added component of these strange attacks against you. They’re sexual in nature, where men take your sexuality and weaponize it against you.”

With a move like allowing the release of Spacey’s film, it appears the entertainment industry is backing down from its very brief zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment.

Our children are watching. Our teenage girls have likely seen coverage of these Hollywood sexual scandals somewhere, and they are being told their voices in fighting back against this type of behavior aren’t being heard.

Our boys are seeing that a powerful man hurt dozens of people and is still able to use his position to brush off the consequences and stay in the game.

And as the stories fade from the headlines, the victims still have to deal with the trauma, while new victims are likely to be targeted.

It may seem insignificant to the Hollywood elites, but allowing Kevin Spacey’s film to make it to theaters has far-reaching consequences.

What do you think of the fact that this film is set for release, even after horrific allegations against its star have come to light?  Do you think the Hollywood “boys club” and entertainment execs are letting sexual harassment fade into memory so they can go on with business as usual?  Leave us your thoughts.